Our civilization is doomed.

Spend any time reading your Bible and you will see this loudly and clearly. The only question is HOW our civilization will fall - and WHEN. Oh, and while we are asking questions, we'll want to know WHAT will be our downfall.

Like you, I spent most of my life in grim anticipation of the Antichrist. I knew that he was coming, and I knew that he would try to kill and destroy anything and everything that glorified God.

However, as I began to understand how our civilization worked, I realized that this Antichrist would not rise under peaceful conditions. Something would need to happen to create the right conditions for his ascendance to world power.

I didn't know WHAT that something would be, but I knew that it would be big. And, I knew that it would be painful. In fact, I realized that only something uniquely terrifying would cause the powerful people of this world to give up their power in favor of someone else.

No one gives up power willingly, and the Antichrist will demand absolute and complete authority. No one and nothing will be allowed to defy him. And, this absolute power will be global.

How could this possibly occur?

America would never allow someone like this to take control of the world. Neither would Russia, Europe or China. India, Africa and the Middle East would also never allow someone like this to have control over them.

But, what if their ability to 'never allow' was taken from them?

Over the years, I've struggled to understand how it could be possible. But, I struggle no more. I now know why the nations of the world will be powerless to resist against the coming of the Antichrist.

It will be Ezekiel's Fire that will break the ability of the world to resist the rise of the Antichrist.

In fact, he might even be considered a 'savior' of civilization. Maybe he's the one who helps get the electricity running again. Maybe he helps bring the comforts of civilization back to those who lost it. Maybe he ends the violence that will rule the world in the aftermath of this massive solar event.

I think that all of that and more is possible.

Of course, that's all speculation. You and I want to concentrate on certainties. I have discussed those certainties, and I truly wish that I could be less confident in what will happen.

When God spoke to Ezekiel of a fire that would descend upon the world, He wasn't talking about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, or a really bad hail storm. All of that will probably happen, but God spoke of Fire. Coming down.

That fire can only be a solar nova event or something very much like it.

Isaiah confirms this by passing on to us the message that the Sun will become seven times brighter and the Moon will shine as brightly as the Sun. Only a nova event could do that - one that was greater than we have EVER seen.

And, astronomers have already seen civilization-killing superflares from stars that are exactly like our own.

The nova event that is coming will make those superflares look like a popgun.

Zechariah confirms this by speaking of effects that are remarkably similar to those of an EMP. But, this ElectroMagnetic Pulse comes from God. And, as we look at the other prophets who speak of the time that we live in, they too offer a chilling confirmation.

Furthermore, a vast, global earthquake will destroy cities across the globe. Very few buildings will be left standing. I doubt that very many city-dwellers will survive. I hope that I'm wrong about this, but the prophets have spoken and there is science that agrees.

The question is whether you will believe the reports of these prophets. Lots of teachers have risen to scratch our itching ears with tales of how we will escape the need to go through what is coming.

Will you believe these foolish teachers?

I know that what I have said is horrifying and something that you want to avoid thinking about. It is normal to avoid thinking about such terrible news, but avoiding the truth will not save you from the truth. To put it another way:

You can ignore the truth...

...but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth.

Unfortunately, this message about our awful future doesn't end with just the solar flare. Those of you in North America are living at ground zero for the destruction of Pax Americana.

Ezekiel's Fire is coupled with the coming of a vast army that we refer to as The Coming of Gog and Magog. Since America has the will and capacity to stop such an invasion of the Middle East, the United States will need to be neutralized by someone beforehand - probably by Gog.

Right now, the indications are that Gog is Russia/Putin, and the Land of Magog is Russia/Eurasia.


Because of who Iran is allied with. Remember that the grand alliance of Gog and Magog includes Persia, which is Iran. Whoever Iran is allied with, THAT is the chief candidate for Gog/Magog. Right now, that alliance is with Russia. And, until that alliance changes, we must speak in terms of Russia.

Furthermore, it makes sense, because America has been aggressively threatening Russia for a long time. And, those threats have begun to target the very existence of Russia.

How long will it be before Russia moves to end that threat, permanently?

I'm afraid that the current insanity cannot last very much longer. America is forcing Russia to destroy America permanently. And, if not Russia, whoever winds up bringing together the nations of western and central Asia.

But, whatever happens to America and what rises from the ashes, I am far more certain about Ezekiel's Fire. And, I believe that this means that there is a profound need for you to prepare for what is coming.

That preparation requires that you:

Hold God close and devote your life to Him

Be in a safe location, within a supportive community

Be as far from the cities as you can

Have easy access to food and water

Have the rest of your wealth in something tangible of recognizable value

Be ready to help others and share the gospel of Jesus Christ

As a brother in Christ, I am begging you to prepare for a future of death and destruction. We have sinned against God, so what is coming is justified.

My hope is that you will escape this great judgment of God that is coming.

It is my earnest and fervent prayer that God would guide you and keep you in the days, months and years ahead. And, may He welcome you into His presence when this life is over.

Life is short.

Eternity is long.

Choose well.



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