America IS in Prophecy

It grieves me to see what is happening to America, and what has already happened. And, I truly wish that there was something that we could do to help keep our beloved country from going over the cliff. The problem is that greater men than I have thought to change our course, yet we are still headed into the abyss.

So, should we continue to hammer on the brakes?

Or, should we jump clear of the train?

Only the Lord can guide you to the right answer to this question. Just do not kid yourself over America’s final destination. The United States is destined for a bitter end.

Having said that, I am NOT happy that this ‘bitter end’ is coming. And, if there was anything that I could do to avoid it, I would. The fact that America appears to be the seventh head of Revelation 13 and 17, and destined to become the eighth and The Beast…

Well, it’s one of the most depressing realizations that I’ve had in a long time. The country that once was… is no longer.

From now on, Independence Day, will always be a day of mourning for me. And, I’m not sure how many such celebrations that we have left – if any.

We really are that close to the end.

America – The Seventh Head

The process of writing about the Petrodollar System has helped reveal a profound truth:

America is the greatest empire that ever lived.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve referred to the American Empire, but it’s the first time that it has sunk in so deeply, with such conviction.

Maybe I’m just a slow learner?

That could be it. I don’t know.

Whatever the cause of my slow progress in seeing what should be obvious, the point should be clear to everyone reading this book, that the United States is the penultimate empire of world history. No empire has been greater, and it is the last one before The Beast finally rises.

The Beast

In the Book of Revelation, we see – for the first time – a creature with seven heads – although, it is not the first time that we see a creature with ten horns. This creature is described in chapter 13 and 17 of Revelation, as The Beast.

However, there IS a creature described in chapter 12 that has seven heads and ten horns, just like the creature in chapters 13 and 17, but it is referred to as a red dragon.

Why is there a difference in these descriptions?

Well, chapter 13 indicates that the creature in chapter 12 – The Dragon – gives power to The Beast. Both have seven heads and ten horns, but chapter 13 indicates that they are separate and different.

Furthermore, chapter 12 refers to The Red Dragon as Satan, the Devil. And, chapter 13 says that The Beast rises out of the sea. Although, to make things even MORE difficult, chapter 17 refers to The Beast as being scarlet in color and rising out of the bottomless pit.


Are these distinctions important?

I don’t know. But, since Revelation makes these distinctions, I will too.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Purpose of Prophecy

Let me take a moment and talk about the purposes of prophecy.

God does EVERYTHING for a reason, and THAT includes prophecy. God doesn’t hand out messages just to hear Himself talk. Nor does He do it for His own gratification. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have sent His only Son to die for us on the cross, in punishment for OUR sins. A self-indulgent, capricious God would never do that. So, if He’s not sending prophetic messages to us for His OWN pleasure…

Why do we have all these prophecies?

To help us.


There are NO useless prophecies in the Bible. None. If you see a useless prophecy, then there’s something wrong with your view of the Bible.

All prophecies, every single one, are for the direct use by a group of God’s people. That group may have been in the past, or maybe that group exists in the future, but each and every prophecy is a direct message to one or more men and women of God to use.

So, how are we to use the prophecy of this seven-headed creature in Revelation?

The Beast Of Revelation

I said ‘we’, so yes, I firmly believe that this prophecy is directly intended for those Christians alive, right now. WE are the intended recipients of this message. Think of it as a letter from God that has been deliberately lost in the mail for almost two thousand years, and it’s time that we ‘got the message’.

So, let’s try to figure this out. And, I believe that we should start with the heads of this beast. And, the main passage is from Revelation 17:

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

 – Revelation 17:9-11

This Is Going To Be Difficult

The first part of verse nine should make us sit up and take notice. Here it is again:

And here is the mind which hath wisdom.

 – Revelation 17:9a

That means that it’s going to take some VERY careful thought – or wisdom. It means that we cannot take everything at face value, but need to see more deeply. And, it also means that we can get it wrong. So, keep that in mind as we go through this.

So, who or what are these seven heads?

Identifying The Heads

They are both:



These heads do not exist at the same time. At the moment in time in which John had his vision:

  • Five were dead.
  • One was alive.
  • One was going to come in the future.

And, the clues don’t end there. The seventh head/king will live only a short time, which indicates that it will live for much less time than any of the other heads.

Then, one of these heads becomes the eighth head, and it is the eighth head that is The Beast.

What These Heads Are

So, here’s the first, and probably biggest question:

WHAT are these heads?

How you answer that question will determine how you put these clues together. And, I believe that this is the reason why the Angel speaking to John preceded his description with:

And here is the mind which hath wisdom.

 – Revelation 17:9a

So, let me ask the central question:

What could be a mountain that is connected to a king?

These Are Not Mountains

I believe that the word mountain is the key point.

Are these physical mountains?

Of course not.

The rest of the passage indicates that five mountains have fallen, or have died.

Do you know of five mountains that have fallen in the ancient past, with a sixth that existed at the time of John – followed by a seventh that would rise later on?

The answer is that there have been no mountains that have any impact on our discussion that have fallen in the past. Nor was there a mountain that existed in the day of John that would have any impact on what we are talking about.

If they are people… you have an even more difficult problem. You have NO way of identifying these people. No one knows who these people are, no one – which would make this prophecy worthless (which it most clearly isn’t).

NOT Seven People

And, before you claim that these are seven people, let me point out something important:

Do you see seven people?

We stand at the end of this prophecy. We should, at least, see five fallen people and one who exists, right now. We don’t, and there’s not enough time for them to rise and fall.

We are OUT of time, for these heads to be interpreted as people. And, the evidence that follows will show you that these are empires and NOT people.

These Are Empires

So, these ‘mountains’ are symbols for something.

What could a mountain symbolize?

I want to give you a list of options, but I can’t. I really can only give you one that comes close to fitting our discussion:


Identifying These Empires

Seriously, if you can think of something else that a mountain could be a symbol for, in terms of our discussion, please leave a comment, and share it with us. Whatever you submit must be big, and there must be five of them that fell before the coming of John.

The problem is that there have been many, many empires in the past. So…

WHICH empires could these heads be?


WHAT is the selection criteria?

Well, there are other prophecies about the Last Days in the Bible. And, any empire that figures prominently in those prophecies would – in my mind – be a candidate for membership as ‘one of the heads’.

Consulting With Daniel

Unless I’m missing something, Daniel is the only prophet that gives us anything to work with. In Chapter 2 of Daniel, he describes five empires (and calls them ‘kings’):

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Iron mixed with clay

Daniel tells us the identity of the Gold empire, and that is Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian empire. The Silver would be the Medo-Persian empire. The Brass would be the Greco-Macedonian empire. The Iron would be the Roman empire.

But, who is this Iron-mixed-with-clay?

The Seventh Head In Daniel 2

Well, that was how the feet and toes were described, and here is the explanation given to Daniel:

And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

 – Daniel 2:41-43

Remember these characteristics because THAT is the seventh head of The Beast of Revelation.

Daniel 7

Now, Daniel has another vision in chapter seven, and there are four beasts and are also described as kings:

  • Lion with eagle’s wings
  • Bear with three ribs in his mouth
  • Leopard with four heads
  • An unknown beast with ten horns and iron teeth

Each of those beasts comes in chronological order. The Lion is Babylon. The Bear is the Medo-Persians. The Leopard is the Greco-Macedonians. The Unkown beast is… is…


That fourth beast MUST be Rome, since it follows Alexander’s Greco-Macedonian kingdom… but, it also has the ten horns and exists at the Last Days.

The Seventh Head In Daniel 7

Well, let me ask you about those that took over the Roman Empire and made it their own.

Who were they?

Europe, and then America. Their legal systems are Roman. Their political systems are Roman (except for Switzerland). Their medicine and science are Roman. When we write, we even use characters that are Roman.

And, quite a few empires in Europe identified with Rome. Even the kings of Russia referred to themselves as Czars, or Caesars. The kings of Germany called themselves Kaisers. Then, who can forget the Holy Roman Empire that was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.

We could go on and on, but…

What does all of this tell us?

Well, Europe and her colonies – e.g., America – are Rome.

So, this fourth beast represents BOTH the sixth and seventh heads. And…

What was the characteristic of this fourth beast?

Here is what Daniel says:

Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;

 – Daniel 7:19

It breaks in pieces and stamps the residue with his feet. And, THAT is yet another identifying characteristic of the seventh head.

The Missing Heads

But, wait.

Where are the other heads?

So far, we have only talked about five, starting with Babylon.

Where are the other two?

I can only assume that the first two heads would be Egypt and Assyria. If any of you have better candidates for the remaining two heads, please feel free to let me know.

Okay, I see you guys in the back row starting to nod-off, so I’ll try to put the pieces together.

The Characteristics Of The Seventh Head

Here are the characteristics of the seventh head:

  • Comes to power AFTER John dies.
  • The kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.
  • The leadership will mingle themselves with the seed of men.
  • They will not cleave to each other.
  • Since the feet of Daniel’s image inherits characteristics of the legs, the seventh head inherits characteristics of the sixth head.
  • The fourth beast is a combination of heads six and seven.
  • It will devour, break other nations in pieces and then stomp them flat.
  • It will NOT be like the first five heads.
  • It lasts only for a short time.

So, the time frame is some time during the past two thousand years, because the seventh head comes AFTER the Roman Empire. It also has this ‘partly strong’ and ‘partly broken’ quality. And, the leadership mingles themselves with the seed of men. And, these leaders are in opposition to each other.

Does that sound familiar?

Yeah. It’s the democratic election process. And, those who are elected do NOT cleave to each other. (I mean, these guys NEVER stop fighting.)

But, this seventh head borrows characteristics from the sixth.

What was the Roman Empire called, originally?

Yeah. The Roman Republic.

Do you know of any empire today that is referred to as a republic?

But, before you answer that one, let me ask you another question:

What empire has lasted for less time than any of the previous six heads and has devoured and broken in pieces the nations of the world?

There is only one answer that can possibly fit:


God help us all.

America in Prophecy – The Wounded Head

Growing up, I’d always assumed that the heads of The Beast were modern-day individuals. And, like so many, every time that I would read The seven heads are seven mountains (Revelation 17:9), I’d just mentally wave it away and concentrate on what was easier to get my head around – verse 10.

Ignoring the difficult – and concentrating on the ‘easy’ – is normal. But, in this dangerous age, it’s a deadly habit. It is hard to understand what is coming, but that shouldn’t keep us from focusing on it.


Because the seventh head gets a deadly wound, and you do NOT want to be nearby when that wound happens.

The chief purpose of this book is to help you survive the coming days, so that you can continue serving God.

For those of you who do not have a desire to serve God… well, you’re in a lot of trouble, already. Trying to survive – without a desire to serve God – won’t really help you much, but I’ll do my best to assist you, anyway.

Please remember that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, came and died for YOUR sins. And, He didn’t do that so you could have an easy life. Jesus came on a rescue mission, and He wants you on His team, working toward the same goal.

If you aren’t… well, God will have a thing or two to say about that, when you see Him.

Now, let’s get to that ‘wounded head’.

The Heads

We have established that there is a problem with viewing the heads of The Beast in Revelation as people, because they are also described as mountains. And then, Revelation 17 refers to five of the heads as having ‘fallen’.

We also have the visions of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 to help us out. And, I find it interesting that the image in Daniel 2 has ten toes, and the fourth beast in Daniel 7 has ten horns. And, Revelation 12, 13 and 17 depict The Beast with ten horns.

What could those ten horns be?

And no, I don’t have an answer at this moment. I’m sure that it will come to me when I need to understand, and then I’ll write a series on it. So, we’ll leave the ‘ten horns’ for later.

note – yes, I DO understand about the idea of the ten regions that have been proposed. But, those haven’t happened yet. There will be a question mark, until those regions actually arrive.

Luciferian America – The Seventh Head

We’ve also established America as being the greatest empire that has ever lived.

But, did you know that it was an empire based on Luciferian mysticism?

Look at the back of the US dollar bill. On the left, you see a pyramid with the all-seeing-eye of Horus on top. That is an image of the back of the official Seal of the United States of America.

Who was the one who submitted those images for consideration, as the official seal of the US?

Thomas Jefferson.

Look at the architecture of Washington D.C. and the geometry of its layout. The capitol of America is chock FULL of Luciferian mysticism.

Furthermore, the cornerstone of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. was laid by 33rd degree Mason, George Washington.

Do you know what the date on that cornerstone reads?

AL 5793, or Anno Lucis 5793, dating back to the year of enlightenment, when Adam and Eve became enlightened – as in, ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Does ANY of that sound Christian to you?

America, Dedicated To Lucifer

Not to me.

And, those Masons that reach the 33rd level in Freemasonry find out who they have been worshiping all along… Lucifer (aka, Satan). And, all the government buildings in America are dedicated to him, when the Masons lay their foundation stones.

And yes, almost all government buildings, whether local, State or Federal, have a foundation stone laid by the Masons, with an Anno Lucis date. And, those Masons dedicate each and every one of those buildings to Lucifer.

Let me say that again so that you get this right:

The government buildings of America have been formally dedicated to Lucifer.

Please, let that sink in deep, because it’s all true.

So yeah, America is a perfect candidate for the seventh head of The Beast of Revelation.

But, what about this wound on one of the heads, described in Revelation 13?

The Deadly Wound

Well, here’s the passage:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Revelation 13:3

Revelation 17 says that five of the heads have already fallen:

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Revelation 17:9-10

So, five have died. The one that is alive at the time of John, the sixth, that too will fall – it’s Rome. So, the only head left alive will be the seventh head.

Can there be any other interpretation?

America Receives A Deadly Wound

Furthermore, if I am right in interpreting the heads as empires… and, if America is the seventh head… then, America will sustain a deadly wound.

Okay, that had to have been a shock to some of you, so let me explain it another way.

America’s political system has its origins in Roman Law and Luciferian Mysticism. So, it is a perfect candidate for being one of the heads. Also, as some have already said, one of the common denominators for each of the heads is the existence of the State of Israel and/or Jewish control of Jerusalem.

America is also the greatest empire to have ever lived. That power alone qualifies it as a candidate for ‘headness’.

Can you think of any OTHER candidate for this seventh head?

But, that deadly wound… for those of us who grew up in GodBlessAmerica …well, we don’t want to think about that.

We MUST Consider This

The problem is that…

We can ignore prophecy, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring prophecy.

So, we MUST look at this deadly wound in Revelation 13:3. Here it is again:

And one of the heads of it as having been slain to death and the wound of death of it was healed and marveled all the earth after the beast

Revelation 13:3

That was a little difficult, because that is a LITERAL, word-for-word transliteration of the Greek text. And, I show this to indicate something important.

The key words are:

ὡς ἐσφαγμένην


as having been slain

What this means is that the appearance of one of the heads is as if it had been slain. Then, notice what happens afterwards:

ἡ πληγὴ , τοῦ θανάτου αὐτοῦ , ἐθεραπεύθη


the wound of death of it was healed

Here are two vitally important questions:

Was the head brought back to life?


Was just the wound healed?

The Seventh Head Didn’t Die

The answer, of course, is that just the wound was healed. The head had not died yet, but it WAS GOING TO DIE, if the wound was not healed.

In fact, the terms ‘Deadly Wound’ or ‘Wound of Death’ indicate that there appeared to be no way that the head could survive – that death was inevitable.

But, something miraculously heals this seventh head. Revelation 13 doesn’t specifically say who or what heals this head, but we might have a clue in the last half of verse 2:

…and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Revelation 13:2

That dragon is described in Revelation 12. And, it ALSO has seven heads, ten horns – but is red and with seven crowns.

Is it possible that this red dragon has this appearance because it dwells within The Beast?

I don’t know. Although, we do see the beast of Revelation 17 as being scarlet. And, I think that Revelation 17 is interesting because it indicates another quality to this seventh head that we will get into later – and may explain its deadly wound being healed.

Just remember that – in the Greek – the word for dragon is drakon, and the word for Beast is therion. They are two different things.

A Warning To Americans

My main point right now is to warn those of you living in America. I believe that Revelation is warning you that America is going to be wounded in such a way that most will feel that there is no hope for America’s survival.

There are several different ways that America could be attacked in this way, and each and every one of them leave little chance of you surviving – if you do not prepare. You MUST treat this warning seriously.

And, please do not put your hope in the miraculous resurrection of America after receiving this ‘deadly wound’ – especially when you read what I will write next.

America in Prophecy – The Beast

The problem with this whole idea of America as the Seventh Head of the Beast of Revelation, is that America is going to go through an existential catastrophy and come out of it far, far more evil than she is now. With preparation, you might survive the deadly wound of Revelation 13:3, but it is an entirely different thing to survive The Beast, itself.

I strongly believe that America is the Seventh Head of Revelation 13 and Revelation 17. I know that many can poke holes in my arguments, but none have been able to offer a more convincing alternative to the idea that the United States is the second-to-last empire of our age – or, the Seventh Head of The Beast. And, since we live very close to end of the Last Days, it behooves us to find the answer.

It’s a life and death issue.

The Deadly Wound

That ‘life and death issue’ comes first in the form of the deadly wound that I talked about previously. It’s described, here:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Revelation 13:3

THAT is a pretty serious problem, all by itself. If America sustains such a wound, you are probably going to be listed in the casualty figures if you are anywhere near ground zero. But, a closer look at Revelation indicates that there’s worse than that.

The Eighth Head

Here is the verse that bothers me:

And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Revelation 17:11

There is no eighth head, so…

Who – or what – is this eighth?

And, while we’re at it…

How did one of these heads become the eighth?

This is a tough one, and will require some speculation. This means that I could be wrong, and will happily admit it in the face of serious proof. I’d almost – ALMOST – be willing to kiss your feet if you did prove me wrong.

So, let me jump into this speculative moment by asking you a question:

Is there a connection between Revelation 13:3 and Revelation 17:11?

Connecting Revelation 13:3 And Revelation 17:11

Or, maybe I should put it another way. In the process of healing the wound of the seventh head…

…is THAT the moment that it becomes the eighth and The Beast?

If true, it could explain why there’s this transformation that happens, turning it into the eighth head and The Beast. And, there appears to be some justification for this. The New World Order elites seem to have been squirreling away supplies in underground bunkers preparing for… something.

Do the elites come roaring out of their underground bases after a nuclear attack and reconstitute a darker, more sinister version of what was once America?

There seems to be something to it – at least some evidence.

Scenario 2

But, there is another possibility.

When America suffers her catastrophic nuclear attack, a foreign entity could invade and ‘heal’ a wounded America and bring it back to some semblance of life – but, not full strength. While this is happening, another empire could arise from one of the areas where the other six heads once ruled.

Either of these scenarios seem possible, but there are problems.

Back To Scenario 1

In the case of a resurrected America, where the elites come roaring back from their bunkers… They would still be facing a devastated America. They would face damaged and destroyed infrastructure and hoards of starving and dying Americans.

But, this might be something that they WANT and plan for. This would give them the opportunity to depopulate those parts of America that they want depopulated. They could then preserve those Americans that they want and rebuild. When the world is hit by the biggest Solar Flare in world history – Ezekiel’s Fire – this revitalized America will be ready to take over.

A devastated Europe and Russia would be desperate for help, and a darker, more sinister America would be ready to move into a position of power.

And Then Scenario 2

On the other hand, an devastated America could be ‘rescued’ by a China that is wanting to pick up extra land and resources on the cheap. I’ve written about China’s interest in doing so, already. So, it’s not much of a stretch to see the Chinese arrive on American shores, ready to ‘help’ America back on it’s feet and into some form of slavery.

That COULD happen, and like my previous scenario, there is indication that this could take place… but, wait.

From where would the eighth head rise?

Yes, I know that there is talk of a ‘Caliphate’ that could rise to take over the Earth. And yes, there would be an opportunity to do this, once Ezekiel’s Fire hits us. But, I don’t see the manpower or resources for this to happen.

I’m trying not to discount it, but the Muslim world lacks the infrastructure and unity to make a global Caliphate a reality – for now. Having lived in Israel, and having spent a lot of time face-to-face with the Muslim world, it seems like quite a stretch, to see them create and maintain a globe-spanning empire.

And, let me add another dimension to this.

Review And Clarification

Jesus indicated in Luke 21 that the Last Days would last just a generation, and He included the control of Jerusalem by the Jews as one of the defining moments of the Last Days. The Jews began their control of Jerusalem 48 years ago. And Moses said in Psalm 90 that the years of a man’s life would be 70. And, that means we have 22 years left… or less.

Do you see any other candidate for the role of seventh – or eighth – head that is ready to take up this role within the next six to ten years?

I don’t.

It Must Be America

Yes, I know that China is the best possible candidate after the US, but she is at least twenty years away from being able to project military power, around the world, which is a requirement. Russia MIGHT have been a candidate, but she has a declining population, and a weak navy.

The ONLY way that either one of those nations could become the seventh and eighth heads is if America is completely destroyed. And, I mean COMPLETELY.

And, for the purposes of our discussion, that is a worse scenario for those of you in the US. That would mean a nuclear attack that would take out all the major cities, military bases and nuclear missile silos. And, such an attack would leave the US with few, if any, survivors.

Revelation 13 would seem to indicate that the destruction is not at that level – otherwise, the eighth head would be too weak to dominate the world. (Although, I could be wrong.)

Furthermore, for an alternative to America to arise, to replace her as candidate for ‘seventh head status’… well, that empire would have to eclipse ALL that America has done over the past few decades. And THAT would take a miracle.

Remember also that the seventh head inherits characteristics of the sixth. Only America qualifies.

The Deadly Wound

That brings me to the wounding of the Seventh Head in Revelation 13:3. I know that Revelation doesn’t specifically identify which head, but the other heads have already ‘fallen’. So, we are left with the seventh.

Over the past few sections, I have proven that America must be that seventh head. And, as I look back over the evidence, I cannot see any other way of looking at this.

America is the most powerful empire that has ever lived. And, it conforms to all of the prophecies about this penultimate empire at the end of time. And, this second-to-last empire will be given a deadly wound.

A Slaying Wound

Unfortunately, Revelation 13 refers to it as a ‘slaying’ wound. It’s not a disease or sickness. It’s not some protracted revolution or internal struggle. It is a slaying. And, it’s a single event.

It’s not multiple wounds. It’s just one wound – as in, a single strike from an axe or a sword. And, it’s wounded in such a way that she dies slowly enough for her to be healed before expiring.

I don’t want to lay too much on just an analysis of syntax. But, syntax does limit the possible attacks that might be used against the United States. This isn’t a gradual process of decay, and it isn’t a financial collapse.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t require the obvious – even wondrous – ‘healing’ described in Revelation 13.

Death by Makhaira

When I oringinally did my America Destroyed series, I talked about this as the fulfillment of Revelation 13:3. And, a few of my readers responded by making a connection to ancient slaughtering methods. I initially wasn’t so sure, but was prompted to look at the original Greek of Revelation 13:14.

That made me think. The original Greek word for sword, used in verse 14, isn’t one of those big blades that Medieval knights would whack each other with. It’s a makhaira, as opposed to a rhomphaia.

This distinction made me realize that there might be a bit more to this.

Greek Swords

As you know, the New Testament was written in Greek. And, the word sword is used 27 times. However, our English translations of the Bible often do not reveal the complexity of the original Greek. Just as there are a thousand words for reindeer among the Sami, there are at least two words for sword among the ancient Greeks:

makhaira – a single-edged short sword that could also be what we would call a knife.

rhomphaia – a long, sometimes curved, sword that can also be attached to a pole – and even have two edges.

The rhomphaia is used exclusively in battle, but it’s not something that you would carry around with you, in daily life. You’d probably put it up above the fireplace and only take it down when you were called up for war. After a certain point, it would stay up there and act as a source for the stories that you’d tell your kids and grandkids – about all the battles that you fought in.

Makhaira – A Personal, Concealable Weapon

The makhaira is also used in battle, but it IS something that you’d carry about with you for personal defense. In fact, everyone carrying a rhomphaia would also be carrying a makhaira.

To think of it with a modern perspective, if you were carrying a rifle, or a squad automatic weapon (like the M249), you’d probably also have a pistol, holstered on your belt. And, you certainly aren’t going to be carrying a rifle to the supermarket, even in dangerous neighborhoods.

Also the makhaira can be concealed easily. If you were trying to sneak around with a rhomphaia, you’d have a pretty tough time doing that. This means that the makhaira would be the weapon of choice for the assassin. And, THAT thought has opened up my thinking about what America faces, in terms of this Biblical threat.

America – The Seventh Head

At this moment in time, there is no doubt in my mind that America is the seventh head of Revelation 13. She fits the description in Revelation, and there does not appear to be an empire ready to take the stage, with the right set of characteristics that would qualify it for being one of the heads of the Beast. Furthermore, there just isn’t enough time left, within the time frame of the Last Days, to bring on another candidate.

So, America is IT, and she’s going to be killed by a machaira. But, it will be a death that is slow enough that someone (or something) will be able to heal the wound and keep her from dying.

To put it another way, those who witness what happens will not believe that America could survive. But, for some reason, she will. The deadly wound will be healed.

The wound that should have killed her will be healed in time, to keep her from dying.

The question in my mind, is this one:

What scenario could reasonably account for all of that?

To me, it would be some kind of nuclear attack, whether EMP or some combination of EMP and direct hits by nuclear warheads.

Ezekiel’s Fire Causes The Wound?

The other possibility is that Ezekiel’s Fire – that ginormous solar flare – that IT could cause the deadly wound. In fact, Ezekiel’s Fire will knock almost EVERYONE down.

And then, it gets rescued in a really strange way by a really strange being.

Let’s Give Up And Go Back To The Bible

So, let’s turn to Revelation 13 for some help. And, I believe that verse three and four are important:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Revelation 13:3

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Revelation 13:4

It’s The Reaction

You understand Revelation 13:3, ‘cuz I hammered on that previously. But, notice the response to the healing of the wound. It’s as if they said:

“whoa… THAT was amazing! Who can go up against THAT!?”

It’s that reaction that gives me pause. This reaction isn’t just an, ‘oh wow, you came in just the nick of time to help out those poor Americans.’ No, it’s something miraculous and awful that rises out of the rubble of a severely damaged United States. And, it will be magnificent, powerful and pure evil.

I’m not sure how else we can see this.

The Bad Part

Everything that I’ve described up to this point, is bad. But, it’s not the really bad part.

Because, as bad as this devastating future could be, nothing that I’ve described here is quite as awful as this thought:

If America suffers a deadly wound and rises from the rubble as The Beast…

…then YOU are on the home turf of the Antichrist and THAT is a horrifying situation to be in.

The only alternative, to my mind is that America has been turned into a charred, smoking ruin that has been blasted clean of all life. I’m hoping that this won’t happen, but… either way …you lose – in a truly horrifying way.




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