Before Ezekiel’s Fire – America Destroyed

As much as I would love to avoid thinking about it, I am forced to accept the belief that the most likely reason for why America does not defend Israel, is because she is unable to. It is always possible that American society will have progressed to a point where America is not willing to intervene, but that is currently far less likely than some event that has made them unable to do so.

Reality Check

Like most human beings, I tend to wear rose-colored glasses and err on the side of great expectations. I tend to believe that things will work out, and that any ‘rough patch’ can be quickly dealt with before going on.

Unfortunately, reality sets a far more harsh standard. Things are NOT going to get better, and the road down the other side of this mountain leads through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Will there be good moments on the way down?

I believe so, and I am certainly hoping for them. I believe that Ezekiel’s Fire will deal a temporary setback to the rise of the Antichrist. There will also be the salvation of Israel and the gospel being sent around the world one last time. Those of us who have been complacent in our spiritual life will be forced to rely on God, and for that, we will shine brightly in the coming darkness.

The Cost Will Be High

The problem is that the cost will be very high. Billions of people will die. The survivors will suffer greatly, and many will be forced to live with a jackboot on their neck. And, I hate the thought of ANY of that. But, our ancient enemy, Satan, started this war, and this is the price of victory. God will win, and there is a place in heaven prepared for all who willingly take their place in this spiritual battle.

So, what comes next?

I don’t think that we can be completely certain about the events that will define the next few months and years. But, I believe that there are some things that we can be relatively sure of.

The Fall Of The American Economy

One thing is for sure:

The American economy is going to collapse

There is no possible way for America’s economy to survive in it’s current form. It is just not possible. There is just too much debt and too many promises. And, America no longer produces much in the way of tangible goods. The only thing that America really excels at is pornography, war and heroin. So, the American Empire is destined to take its place upon the scrap heap of history.

Unfortunately, great empires do not go quietly into the night. And, America has become the most powerful empire in 16 centuries. Even Rome did not have the physical power or the global reach that America has today – not even close. But, America’s great power will not be able to hold back her eventual fall.

The Fall Of The American Empire

So, the question remains:

How will America fall?

I would love to believe that it will be like the slow, gracious decline that popular history records of the British Empire. But, the Brits didn’t have nuclear weapons, and they didn’t have enemies able – and willing – to use them.

Nor were the Brits quite so hideously amoral as the current American government. They were bad, but there was at least some semblance of honor among the British imperialists. They certainly didn’t seem as bad as the amoral psychopaths that are running things in Washington, D.C. Although, I must say that the British were really awful imperialists.

So, when I heard Paul Craig Roberts talk about Washington’s interest in attacking Russia or China with nuclear weaponswell …I knew how that would end. America’s enemies will NOT allow the US to get in the first shot. They cannot allow that to happen.

So, how will America be destroyed?

That’s a tough question, so let’s talk about the weapons that America’s enemies might use to destroy America.

Five Kinds Of Attack

To my mind, there are five possible kinds of attack that could be launched against the US:

  • Nuclear
  • Biological
  • Cyber
  • Financial
  • Conventional

And, they will probably use all five.

We are already in a financial war with Russia and China, and that war threatens to escalate further. And, a financial attack could be followed up with insurgency and terrorism within the US. Discontent with the US government is growing in America, so Russia and China will find fertile ground for covert activity – if they choose to go that route.

Imperial Madness

But, none of that will blunt America’s ability and willingness to use her nuclear arsenal to further her imperial aims. And America’s enemies MUST neutralize American nuclear weapons to have any hope of surviving the coming years – because America WILL use her nuclear arsenal when her empire begins to falter and then fall.

I understand why you might disagree with my belief that America will use her nuclear arsenal, but I have seen the darkness at the heart of American foreign policy. And, I have never seen anything so vile, amoral and insane. And yes, I literally mean insane.

There is a madness that has infected the United States government at its very highest levels. And, it is the kind of absolute madness that occurs when true evil takes hold.

Worse, Russia, China and the rest of the world have begun to see what you and I already understand. Eventually, their own sense of self preservation will cause them to destroy our once-great country, to ensure their own safety.

Chinese Bio Weapons

The Chinese are on record as having invested in biological weapons development, instead of Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups. The fact that they are now putting money into aircraft carriers means that they might have succeeded in their effort to develop an effective biological weapon.

The question is whether such biological weapons could neutralize the personnel manning America’s nuclear weapons – which, by the way, includes the President of the United States.

Can the Chinese and Russians knock out America’s Nuclear Launch System?

A Successful Nuclear Strike On The US

I don’t know. I don’t see how they could do it permanently. But, they might be able to cause enough of a delay to allow Russia and China to take out America’s nuclear weapons capability.

There could be some combination of bio weapon attack along with a cyber attack that could slow, or even neutralize US weapons systems like nuclear silos and submarines. They could then launch an EMP attack coupled with direct nuclear strikes.

China has already successfully tested a nuclear-capable, hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) that cannot be stopped by anti-missile defenses, and Russia has an ICBM in production with highly maneuverable, hypersonic warheads that also cannot be stopped.

Russia And China Backed Into A Corner

The purpose of the above is to show that Russia and China are capable of destroying the US. And, they may even be able to achieve this without direct harm to themselves.

Do they want to do this?

No, I do not believe so. However, if the reports are true that there are idiots in Washington – but, I repeat myself – who think that they can win a nuclear war…

Well, does that leave Russia and China with any choice?

No, it does not.

Worse, it appears that America is becoming more and more aggressive as she seeks to invade Russian and Chinese spheres of influence. It really does seem like the US is becoming the rabid world power that cannot be stopped without the use of force. And, there appears to be only one kind of weapon that has any realistic chance of defeating the US:

Nuclear Weapons.

So, let’s take a closer look at the actions of the American Empire that are pushing the world to the brink of Nuclear War.

The American Empire Rushes In

It is a maxim that empires do not fall quietly. Worse, the leadership of such empires rarely understand the road that they are on, until ‘barbarians stand at the gates’. They usually suffer from a false sense of infallibility, and surround themselves with those suffer from the same disease.

We call that disease hubris, and America suffers from the worst case of this terrible affliction, since Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, America has nuclear weapons and recently communicated a willingness to use them first.

America’s enemies understand this and are determined neutralize this threat. Unfortunately, this will mean nuclear war. And you are at ground zero, if you live within the United States.

There is no way to save the American Empire. It’s just not possible. I talk about this constantly, so I won’t go over all that again. Unfortunately, the American government hasn’t gotten the memo.

Washington’s selective view of reality has led the American government to believe that they can’t lose. They believe that what has worked in the past will work again… that the recession is behind us… that good times are here again…


…that winning isn’t just everything. It’s the ONLY thing.

That last bit is a problem because winning ISN’T everything. In fact, I believe that our successes have taught us the wrong lesson, and we are about to pay a terrible price for that.

Russia And China

You see, the Russians and Chinese understand what America has become, and they know that they cannot survive, if America keeps doing what she is doing. Both Russia and China have sought to warn the US of what could happen, but the US hasn’t paid attention.

The question that we should all be asking ourselves is this:

How long will Russia and China wait before acting to neutralize the American threat?

That is a good question, but we have some clues as to an answer.

Russian Red Lines

There are two red lines that Russia has said repeatedly that the American Empire will not be allowed to cross:

Ukraine and Syria.

Russia has repeatedly said that there will be war (which would mean nuclear war) if just one of the following occurs:

  • Ukraine joins NATO.
  • NATO bases appear on Ukrainian soil.
  • anti-missile defenses are placed on Russia’s borders.

The US and NATO appear to be treating that threat with some seriousness, which is why they’ve been more covert in their foolish actions in Kiev.

In fact, I am considering the idea that what happened in Ukraine was a feint. While our attention was directed towards Kiev – as well as Crimea and Ukrainian civil war – we were not focusing on what might be a much bigger prize:


Russia Needs Syria

Russia needs Syria, and has threatened the use of nuclear weapons already – twice – to defend her interests there. When the Israeli army approached the outskirts of Damascus in 1967 and 1973, Russia threatened a real nuclear war. And, there is reason to believe that Russia still views Syria as a vital part of Russian interests.

The Russian naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus is still of interest to the Russians, especially as natural gas production from the Mediterranean comes on-line. They also want to be able to protect an even more important development – a proposed natural gas pipeline from Iran to Syria.

Don’t you find it interesting that the Syrian Civil War broke out as negotiations for the Iran-Iraq-Syrian natural gas pipeline were nearing agreement?

Yeah. I find it interesting, too. (And, I’m not the only one.)

Russia, Gazprom And A Natural Gas Pipeline

The Russian natural gas giant, Gazprom, is a key part of this deal, so Russia wants that pipeline completed. The natural gas that flows from Iran and through Iraq and Syria will be sold to Europe, and Gazprom has a big part of any profits.

The Gulf Arabs, as well as America and Turkey, want the deal stopped. Turkey feels cut out of this lucrative deal and has visions of empire, so it has been feeding the conflict in Syria. The US wants to protect the petrodollar and the role that America plays in the Persian Gulf, so it also plays an important role. The Gulf Arabs are terrified of growing Iranian power and are miffed at the lost profits from the natural gas pipeline that THEY had wanted to build.

And the average Syrian?

Nobody asked them. Don’t be silly.

US Feeding War In Syria

The point is that the United States still has her sights on Syria. The US has been funneling training and weapons to the Syrian rebels, but it has become unclear as to who will win the conflict there. However, I suspect that someone will eventually declare himself the winner. (Assuming, that the complete destruction of Syria is what you would call winning.)

There have been indications that the CIA, Saudi Intelligence and the Gulf Arabs will be increasing the tempo of their support for the Islamic terrorists running amok in Syria. Russia has entered the fray, and the Gulf Arabs are extremely upset at the thought of losing.

The Arabs also hold a significant threat over the United States – the petrodollar. The Arabs will be extremely unhappy with the United States, if they lose in Syria, and would consider aligning themselves with Russia. That would mark the death of the petrodollar system, and America cannot allow that to happen. This will hasten efforts by the US to destroy the Assad regime.

And, if the Gulf Arabs and the US succeed in destroying Damascus?

The US will have crossed a huge red line for Russia. Putin might be able to protect and hold the Alawite enclave in that part of Syria that borders the Mediterranean. And, the current level of Russian involvement in Syria seems to indicate that they are doing that. However, even that limited amount of success may be illusory.

Russia could still fail to protect her interests in Syria and lose the war there, which would mean that they will suddenly have no secure naval staging area in the Mediterranean. And, Putin will not be able to control the flow of natural gas into Europe from the Mediterranean. And to add insult to injury, one more American flag will stand, where a Russian one once stood. The noose being drawn by America would be feeling much tighter around Russia.

Russia might even find her Black Sea fleet bottled up in the Black Sea and effectively neutralized.

However, that’s not a prediction. Russia COULD win in Syria, which would cause the US to poke the Russian bear from a different location.

Russia Pushed To Use Nuclear Weapons

Combine this with the US and NATO directly threatening Russia’s border with Europe, and Putin might finally decide that they have no other options left, other than nuclear. Russia cannot allow America’s open and direct threats to Russia to become a reality. And, should Russia win the war in Syria and Ukraine, America might respond with even more drastic measures than their coup in Ukraine, or their involvement in Syria.

America’s foreign policy has been exhibiting symptoms of insanity over the last few years, and losing the wars in Ukraine and Syria would probably be too much for the psychopathic leadership in Washington. In just Ukraine, the efforts of the National Endowment for Democracy, the US State Department and the CIA are beyond insane. I am truly appalled at what the US has been doing in Kiev.

It’s as if Hitler had taken over America’s foreign policy.

America’s growing madness seeks to deny Russia any victory – of any kind – and Moscow will quickly realize that the US will never stop her attempts to destroy Russia. Eventually, Russia will decide that they’ve had enough and put a stop to American foolishness, permanently.

Also, as America teeters over the financial abyss, the US will seek for ways to shift the blame for her financial troubles to convenient targets, like Moscow. As the rhetoric heats up and the US military takes on a more aggressive posture, Russia will feel that she has no other options left, except the one that she does not want to use.

The Evidence Of Prophecy

Now, for those of you who remain unconvinced, you will need to find a logical and rational reason for why America does nothing, when Gog and Magog attacks.

And yes, it must be logical and rational.

There is no way that Russia would engage in such a massive undertaking, if they could not realistically expect to be victorious and achieve more than a Pyrrhic Victory. America has threatened Russia with the use of nuclear weapons, and Russia believes that threat is real. Therefore that threat must be removed, before Gog and Magog comes down to attack Israel.

To do anything else would be insanity.

Please remember that America MUST protect Israel, even though the US government hates the Jewish State. And yes, the American government – especially the US State Department – hates Israel. But, the US defends Israel because she controls the most vital bit of real estate in the Middle East. If Israel didn’t exist, America would need to create something like Israel, to stabilize the region.

That’s why America would never allow Gog and Magog to invade the Middle East. Never. This means that there are only two possibilities:

Either America will have suffered a catastrophic collapse so huge that it neutralizes her military and her willingness to use it…


…America has been destroyed.

Nuclear War Fits

Let me put this another way:

  • With the dreams and visions that many brothers and sisters have had about a nuclear attack upon America…

I don’t see how a lack of involvement can be anything else than a sign that America has been destroyed by a nuclear attack.

Unless God can show us a different conclusion, I believe that it is our duty to prepare for such an event, and to warn others that this is coming.

Now, let’s take a look at how America might be destroyed.

Dreams and Visions of America’s Fall

As I said before, we are 48 years into the Last Days, which means that there isn’t much time left for other players to take the stage, as we see prophecy coming to fulfillment.

Furthermore, good and sincere men and women of God have come forward with dreams and visions that must be treated seriously, and let’s not forget that if God would destroy Israel in the Old Testament for HER sins…

What do you think that the Lord will do to us, who claim Him for ourselves, and do worse?

I don’t think that I need to answer that, and this means that everyone in America sits at ground zero.

So, let’s talk about weapons.

Nuclear Weapons

Since America is spoiling for a fight, her opponents know that something MUST be done to stop the US. Unfortunately,  there is really only one thing that gives them ANY chance of success:

Nuclear Weapons

Until just a few years ago, China took a passive stance, relying on her ability to launch a retaliation strike, should America or Russia attack her. Unfortunately, Russia cannot afford to be so sanguine.

Russia’s Nuclear Posture

Russia’s military is quite weak, in terms of ground forces, and her air force isn’t strong enough to do more than defend her borders. And, her navy… well, it just doesn’t have that much of a punch.

All of that explains why Russia’s nuclear forces have been well-cared for and modernized. And, this reliance on nuclear weapons also means that any existential threat will require the use of nuclear weapons almost immediately. And, an existential threat from the US would require LOTS of nuclear weapons.

(And yes, I DO know that Russia’s military is modernizing, but it will be years
before she can defeat the US on the conventional battlefield.

Will Russia be hurt in a nuclear attack on the US?

Absolutely, yes – even if America is unable to launch a counter-strike. The radioactivity from such an attack will threaten Russia, as well as the rest of the world. But, this harm is preferable to certain death.

So, when the situation arrives, where Russia feels that she must choose, she will not hesitate. And, I believe that it is becoming clearer that this moment of choice is coming soon.


Please understand that neither Russia or China have the means to bring enough troops to invade America, with any hope of success. The logistics and transport challenges are insurmountable, at this moment. So, a full-on, Red-Dawn invasion is out of the question.

Yes, I know that there have been scenarios floated about, that envision an invasion by both Russia and China, and we may see some elements of those scenarios actually happen. But, an invasion of the United States cannot succeed without incapacitating a large portion of the population and its armed forces.

And, the only means of doing that properly is through the use of one or more nuclear weapons, biological attack, or both.

The Choice: Nuclear Or Even More Nuclear

Either way, I believe that nuclear war WILL happen. There is just no way that any other world power can rise, if America is alive and kicking. America must be destroyed. There is no other way.

You could make a case for a biological and financial/cyber attack, but…

Do you think that those attacks will neutralize America’s nuclear weapons?

Yeah. I don’t think so.

And, since we can’t talk about future miracles… we’re stuck with what we know, right now.

So, America is it, and the only options are nuclear and more nuclear.

Remember that I mentioned this phrase:

…one or more nuclear weapons…

The Lesser Of Two Evils

Both Russia and China know that the use of too many nuclear weapons could destroy themselves, along with their target. It’s not worth going to war, if you can’t survive what you started.

That’s why Russia and China will try to limit the use of nuclear weapons while attempting to neutralize America’s ability to retaliate. This would require some way of neutralizing nuclear weapons silos, air force bombers and nuclear submarines without resorting to nuclear strikes – or at least, not many.

Cyber Attack

We’ve been hearing a lot about cyber attacks, and that would certainly figure prominently in their plans. But, they would also need a way to secure these installations to make sure that America’s nuclear command and control systems couldn’t be reset and reconfigured.

I HAVE heard that lots of Chinese parts can be found in mission-critical systems in the US military. That vulnerability and a number of other factors indicate that a successful cyber attack is possible.

Furthermore, there have also been reports of Russian and Chinese special forces being seen – and active – within the United States.

Also, a biological attack might incapacitate US security forces, allowing vaccinated special forces units free movement.

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse

There is also one other aspect to mention:

EMP Weapons

If an EMP weapon is used against the US, that would act as a long-term knockout blow. It would completely neutralize civilian security forces and a large part of the military. Biological weapons and special forces units could finish the job, with the need for only a limited number of nuclear strikes on Command and Control centers.

Where Nukes Would Be Used

Some cities would need to be destroyed directly as well as major naval bases. Washington D.C., New York City, and Denver would need to be destroyed. The Pentagon, and the headquarters for the CIA, NSA and NORAD would all need to be destroyed, as well as any backup areas such as the Denver International Airport and the Cheyenne Mountain base, outside of Colorado Springs.

Anti-missile defenses might also need to be neutralized, but this might not be necessary, since both China and Russia have hypersonic missiles that can evade such systems – assuming that a cyber attack does not incapacitate America’s defenses.

God Would Ensure Success

And, let’s not forget that God will be on the side of America’s enemies.

We have sinned against God, while claiming Him as our own. We put ‘In God We Trust’ on our money and then used that money to produce pornography, heroin, and war. We Christians have wallowed in the filth of America and have engaged in the blood sacrifice of our own babies to the false god of prosperity.

And yes – in America – the abortion rate and divorce rate is only just a little lower among Christians than among non-Christians. We American Christians consume pornography, engage in adultery, are sexually promiscuous and enjoy the movies and books that depict such things. We have elected a government that enslaves the world to heroin and promotes homosexuality. And, we Christians put these monsters into public office.

So, do you think that God is going to let America’s enemies fail, when THEY are more righteous than we are?

Of course not.

God is going to make sure that their efforts succeed.

Remember that we are following in the footsteps of Israel and Judah. We are doing what they did, so what happened to them, will happen to us. So, even if America is victorious in every battle, we will still be destroyed. As Jeremiah said in chapter 37:

For though ye had smitten the whole army of the Chaldeans that fight against you, and there remained but wounded men among them, yet should they rise up every man in his tent, and burn this city with fire.

Jeremiah 37:10

If God would do THAT to Jerusalem, the one place on Earth that He loves the most…

What do you think that He will do to us, who have twisted the words of God, polluted His name and prostituted ourselves to the world?

The good news is that the Chinese and Russians do not wish to destroy themselves along with us. I believe that means a limited strike and places of safety for those who pay attention.

However, finding a place of safety will be a challenge, if you do not know what to expect. This is why I will now spend some time describing the deadly possibilities. You will not enjoy reading it, and I did not enjoy writing it.

But, it is necessary.




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