Your Last Wake-Up Call – James Wesley Rawles

When someone as level-headed as James Wesley Rawles says that the arrival of Ebola in the US was our last wake-up call, you need to pay attention. James isn’t a hysterical keyboard warrior with a penchant for tinfoil hats.

He’s a very solid, down-to-earth guy, who has devoted his life to helping us survive the unimaginable. And, the amount of knowledge that he has acquired is very impressive.

Add to this the fact that he is a true Christian who firmly believes in being led by God, through the Holy Spirit… well …I can’t think of many people more important to listen to.

Please. Pay attention to what he is saying.

James Wesley Rawles

Every time I listen to JWR talk, I get the sense of a man of strong character, deep experience and solid faith. This is not a man given to hysterics, or flights of fancy. He doesn’t jump at shadows. Couple all that to a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, and you have someone that you want on your side, in a fire fight.

When it all falls apart, you want a neighbor like James Wesley Rawles.

Unfortunately, the closest that most of us will get to him is his website:

It contains an amazing wealth of information on practical survival, as well as insights into James, himself. Not many people impress me, like this guy does.

Well, a year ago (2014) another impressive guy – Steve Quayle – posted a link to an interview with JWR, so I made sure to take the time to listen:

Consider This Your LAST Wake-Up Call – James Wesley Rawles

YouTube shortlink:

You can find a bit more, here:

That was a year ago so it wasn’t quite your last wake-up call. There have been a few more, since then, and there might be a few more before everything falls apart. The final take-down of America could happen in days. It could take months.

But, I highly doubt that it will take years.

I’m certainly not willing the bet my life – and the lives of those that I care about – on the small chance that the corrupt powers-that-be will keep their gigantic ponzi scheme going for much longer. Nor am I willing to play games with pandemic disease, or dangerous vaccines.

If you knew that your house would fall into the sea at any time between now and a year from now, you wouldn’t sleep another night in the place. You’d move out. Immediately.

Well, you are facing a situation that is far worse, because when everything visibly begins to tip into the abyss, there won’t be any safe places to go to. You’ll be stuck, at the mercy of the fickle whims of evil oligarchs and thuggish minions.

So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, wondering whether it’s time to take that final move to safety… well …you might want to consider this to be a last wake-up call.

  • Get close to God
  • Get to a safe place
  • Have extra food and water
  • Prepare for the needs of others
  • If there’s anything left over, buy something of tangible, portable value like silver or gold

And… to quote James Wesley Rawles …proceed with prayer.

You cannot lose if you walk with the Lord.




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