Now that I have laid out the scriptural evidence for this solar flare that I call Ezekiel’s Fire, it is now time to talk about the period of time between now and then – the prelude.

Unfortunately, the first act in this prelude focuses on America. I say ‘unfortunately’, because America as she is today cannot exist when Ezekiel’s Fire occurs.


Because today’s America would go to war to stop any military attempting to invade the Middle East in the way that Gog and Magog will attempt to do so. America would attempt to destroy such an army out of shear self-preservation. Such an army would threaten the one thing that keeps Pax Americana alive:

The Petrodollar System

Israel plays a vital role in guarding Saudi Arabia’s western flank, and Saudi Arabia is the key component of the petrodollar system. Losing Israel would make it impossible for the United States to fulfill her responsibility to defend the Saudi oil fields – a responsibility that America assumed when she entered into the petrodollar deal about four decades ago.

The question is what would make it impossible for the US to intervene and stop the attack by Gog and Magog?

The possible options include:

  • A financial collapse so severe that the US cannot even maintain her nuclear weapons
  • A successful Shiite revolt within Saudi Arabia taking the kingdom out of the petrodollar system
  • A socio/political change in America that neutralizes her willingness to defend Israel
  • Some form of nuclear war against the US that destroys American nuclear weapons as well as her ability to project military power into the Middle East

The first option is possible, but somewhat unlikely. Even when the Soviet Union fell in the 1990s, Russia still managed to keep her nuclear weapons in working condition, and ready to fire.

A revolution staged by the sizable Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia is also possible, but again… it’s success would be unlikely – at least, at the moment. There are too many American military personnel in the area, ready to defend the kingdom, and Saudi intelligence is extremely effective at eliminating such threats.

Having said that, there are indications of unrest within the leadership of the Saudi kingdom. Should such unrest lead to a successful attempt to topple the King of Saudi Arabia, this might give the Shiites a chance to rise up against their corrupt Sunni overlords. We will need to see whether current events are pushing the Gulf Arabs in this direction.

We are also seeing a rise in unwillingness in America to support foreign conflicts. War weariness is spreading, and not just among the general populace. Armed forces personnel are increasingly reluctant to engage in the kinds of military campaigns that have characterized America’s previous involvement.

Furthermore, some of America’s brightest and best generals and admirals have been forced to leave military service. This – and a number of other factors – has damaged the morale of the military, especially the Army and Navy.

So, there is an increasing likelihood that Gog may feel that they will be unopposed in any attack upon Israel. They may believe that it is worth the risk of an American reprisal, to capture Israel. Even now, we see America’s bluff and bluster over Syria as fundamentally impotent.

But, even with all of that, it still appears to me that some form of nuclear conflict is the most reasonable explanation for America’s inability to stop the coming of Gog and Magog. And, the way that America is pushing Russia these days, a nuclear war seems more and more plausible with each passing day.

America’s foreign policy is infected with an incomprehensible madness. If I were leading Russia or China, I would seriously consider some kind of attack that would neutralized America in a way that would keep her off of my back. And nothing says ‘neutralize’ better than nuclear weapons.

The idea that a nuclear attack could destroy America is also not new. We’ve all feared such an event, and our parents and grandparents even gave thought to preparing for it. And, four years ago, the possibility of an EMP attack was what inspired the creation of

Furthermore, let us not forget that our beloved United States has defied God, committed incomparable sin and invited a just recompense. That knowledge alone makes me tremble for my country of birth.

So, let’s talk about these events that lead up to Ezekiel’s Fire.


Here are the sections in Chapter Three:

It Begins With The Petrodollar

These are the Days of the End

The Deadly Possibilities




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