It Begins With The Petrodollar

Since the invention of Fractional Reserve Banking, there has never been anything that has done more to concentrate the world’s wealth into the hands of the few – than the Petrodollar System. And, as countries and economies grew, demand for oil grew, and that meant more oil produced and more dollars printed. And, those who controlled the Petrodollar System were able to siphon off vast profits for themselves.

Petroleum raised billions of people out of poverty and allowed them to create a vast amount of wealth. America was a major producer of oil, and the US dollar was the only stable and secure currency after World War II. So, it was natural for the dollar to be the world’s reserve currency and the currency with which everyone bought oil.

Because America exported so much oil to the world, it was natural for everyone to think of oil in terms of dollars. But, even so, we still didn’t have a Petrodollar System – at least, not like we see it today. That came a few decades later.

America Overreaches

In the mid-1940s, America had helped rid the world of fascism, and found herself to be the top dog. Her manufacturing capacity had not been bombed into the stone age, and her workers were ready and willing to produce everything that the world wanted.

As a result, America became a powerful nation and began to extend her reach. But, as is always the case, she reached too far and abused her privilege. Then, she began to fall.

That faltering in American power led to a deal that created the Petrodollar System, fantastic growth and the American Empire. From that moment on, the wealth of the world flowed even faster into America. And, the world became slaves to the Empire. And, their chains were forged in the furnace of the Petrodollar System.

The Petrodollar System

This Petrodollar System was the brainchild of Henry Kissinger and was given birth in the 1970s. It was a clever and diabolical system that enslaved everyone that needed asphalt for their roads and gasoline in their cars.

The reason for that, is… if you wanted oil, you needed US dollars. The Arabs weren’t going to sell you any oil, if you didn’t have dollars. And the only way that you were going to get US dollars was to sell stuff to Americans. Otherwise, you didn’t get oil.

Without oil, your country couldn’t develop. You couldn’t produce enough food for the workers, teachers, engineers, medical doctors and scientists (and so much more) to provide what every developed country desperately needs – educated, healthy manpower. To put it another way:

Without oil, most of your population needed to be farmers.

Without oil, you also became vulnerable to the military power of anyone who had lots of it – because they could have an advanced economy that produced enough money to buy weapons and training.

Without oil, you became vulnerable, poor, uneducated and sick. And, THAT meant everyone in the world willingly became slaves to the Petrodollar System. Those who didn’t, quickly collapsed. Even the Soviet Union found itself unable to survive outside of the Petrodollar System, and fell apart.

America Overreaches Again

Today, the Petrodollar System reaches into the home of virtually every man, woman and child on Earth. But, the American Princes of the Petrodollar reached too far. And, that overreach has caused the Petrodollar to begin to slip from their grasp.

Unfortunately, the rich and powerful do not take kindly to the weakening of their riches and power, and history shows us the one thing that they always do when that happens:

They take us to war.

There is no way that we are going to escape war. None. So, maybe we should start to ask what KIND of war we will have.

America Destroyed

I wish that I could tell you that it would be a war that the good guys won, and everyone lived happily ever after. The problem is that the ‘good guys’ left the stage a long time ago, and those that are left have their fingers on the trigger for nuclear war.

Furthermore, an America destroyed by some form of nuclear war would explain the pivotal event of the Last Days – the coming of Gog and Magog. That military alliance would never be able to attack Israel, if America were still a power to be reckoned with. As much as the American government may hate Israel (and it does), the Jewish state plays too vital a role in defending the Arabs of the Middle East. For Gog and Magog to be able to attack Israel… well, it means that America is either dead, or dying.

And, the reason for America’s destruction will be her greedy desire to maintain her hold on the Petrodollar System.

The Petrodollar Starts World War III

As a kid, I was fascinated by World War II. It was the quintessential and uncomplicated battle between good and evil. You knew who the good guys were, and they won.

What wasn’t there to like?

As I grew older, I began to understand the reasons why it started and when it started. And, there was a point when I asked myself:

What was it like to live at the beginning of such a massive world war?

I always wondered about that – what it was like to know that a world war was coming.

Unfortunately, now I know.

Why Wars Start

Rarely do we think about why wars start. We’re too busy trying to provide for our families and their future, to pause long enough to ask why we have fought so many wars.

Yes, we have the reasons recorded in the history books and on the headlines of our newspapers, but those of you who have been reading my articles know that those reasons are half-truths – at best. No, we go to war for those interchangeable commodities that we call money and power.

The Love Of Money

Over a year ago, I wrote about the love of money being the cause of ‘This Horrifying Rendezvous with Destiny‘. Here’s what Paul said to Timothy:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1 Timothy 6:10 (ASV)

By the way, this brings an important question to my mind:

Are you letting your love of the good life keep you from serving God or preparing for what is coming (so that you can CONTINUE to serve God) ??

If you aren’t serving God with 100% of every bit of effort in you… If you aren’t doing the best that you can to get ready for what is coming… so that you can KEEP serving God with every bit of effort in you…

…you need to ask yourself why.

God certainly WILL ask you that question, when you see Him next.

Follow The Money

But, let’s get back to World War III.

If the love of money (and power) is the root of all kinds of evil, then maybe… if we look hard enough… we’ll see the money at the heart of this next World War. And, we really don’t need to look very hard at all.

After World War II, the world financial system was based on US dollars, because the United States promised the world that every US dollar would be convertible into gold, on demand – unless you were a US citizen. This was all according to something called the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Enshrined within that agreement was that idea that, since America was on the gold standard, the rest of the world would do the same – merely by linking THEIR currencies to the US dollar. After all, the US had everyone’s gold stored in her vaults, and America was the most powerful country in the world. And, the US was safe from ‘the communist menace’. So, the US dollar was backed by gold, and everyone’s currency was backed by the dollar.

Well, as you can imagine, the US government couldn’t keep her hand out of the cookie jar, and started abusing her position as head of the dollar empire – by effectively printing more dollars, than she had in gold. That put pressure on the agreement, so Nixon took us off of it on August 15th, 1971 – to the shock and dismay of the rest of the world.


The World Goes Fiat

In one fell swoop, all the world’s currencies suddenly became fiat – without a single ounce of gold backing them.

Let me quote Jerry Robinson of

President Richard M. Nixon and his globalist sidekick, Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, knew that their destruction of the international gold standard under the Bretton Woods arrangement would cause a decline in the artificial global demand of the U.S. dollar. Maintaining this “artificial dollar demand” was vital if the United States were to continue expanding its “welfare and warfare” spending.

 Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System, Part 2

The Petrodollar Begins

THAT is when they hit on the idea of the Petrodollar – convincing the Saudis and the rest of OPEC to price their oil in US dollars, ONLY.

When did that begin?


Hmmmm… 1973. What a curious year for the petrodollar system to begin.

Why did they agree to do this in 1973?

Could it be that Israel’s success in defending herself in the 1973 Yom Kippur War frightened Saudi Arabia enough to finally agree to the US terms for this agreement?

Is this why Kissinger delayed seven days before being forced by Nixon to agree to Israel’s request for emergency support AFTER the Yom Kippur war began?

Kissinger – An Enemy Of Israel

Yes, you might not know this, but Kissinger has repeatedly thrown Israel under the bus. In fact, he is on record as wanting Israel defeated by her Arab neighbors, and he has stated that Israel will no longer exist by 2022.

The Terms Of The Petrodollar System

It’s hard to know what goes on in the corrupt mind of Henry Alfred Kissinger, but we do know that he engineered the success and the continuation of the American Empire by convincing the Saudis, and then OPEC, to do the following:

  • The Saudis must agree to price all of their oil sales in U.S. dollars only. (In other words, the Saudis were to refuse all other currencies, except the U.S. dollar, as payment for their oil exports.)
  • The Saudis would be open to investing their surplus oil proceeds in U.S. debt securities.

In return, the US agreed to give Arab members of OPEC as many weapons as they wanted and defend them from all threats – including from Israel.

That last bit, being defended from any threat by Israel, was probably the final selling point – one that Kissinger was probably not expecting, but more than willing to offer.

The Marriage Made In Hell

By 1975, the petrodollar was a done deal. OPEC agreed that none of their members would sell any oil for anything except US dollars. And, from that moment on, ALL US foreign policy would be directed at defending that agreement. It was a marriage made in Hell.

Now you understand why the US invaded Iraq – twice.

For a pretty good (and short) discussion on the petrodollar system, watch this:

The SHOCKING Truth About the U.S. Dollar: What The Media Never Told You

YouTube shortlink:

This video comes from an excellent four-part series on the petrodollar, called:

Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System

This is why the US has not been a friend of Israel and never will be. And, I saw it for myself, from Jerusalem.

The Syrian Connection

Now, the above video was recorded in 2010, before the War in Syria that was started by Saudi Arabia and Turkey in 2011 – to stop the Iran-Iraq-Syria natural gas pipeline. Yes, you read that correctly. The war in Syria was started by the Saudis and the Turks – with massive help from the CIA.

Can you now understand why the US has been so intent on taking down the Assad government in Syria?

The US-Saudi Marriage

The US MUST keep their agreement with OPEC alive, or the American Empire falls. And, the Saudis aren’t happy. Combine that thought with a fascinating quote that I picked up from an article on

“When it comes to the Saudi-American relationship, the White House should be called the ‘White Tent.’”

Mohammed Al-Khilewi, a Saudi diplomat who defected to the United States

So, there is this interesting give and take relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US. Saudi Arabia can destroy the US, if America doesn’t do what the Saudis want. And, the US can destroy Saudi Arabia, if the Saudis don’t do what America wants.

But, Unhappily Married

Unfortunately, the Saudis are becoming increasingly unhappy with the US. They aren’t getting a good rate of return on those treasury bonds that they’ve been required to buy. And, they aren’t happy with how slow America has been in granting their wishes. America has yet to attack Iran or take over Syria, and the Saudis have become increasingly nervous about Iran.

Here Come The Russians

Furthermore, the US has become war weary and a little tired of Saudi games, and America has run smack-dab into the Russians in Syria. And, it was the threat of Russian reprisal that caused Obama to back down on his promised attack against the Assad regime in Syria in September, 2013. And, it is Russia’s entrance into this discussion that leads us to the threat of World War III.

But, let’s step back from the Russians a little and hear what Aaron Hawkins of has to say about Iraq, ISIS and Syria:

The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told

YouTube shortlink:

That is a must-see video, but Aaron Hawkins misses the Saudi connection. The Saudis are pushing the US right back into the Syrian conflict. Unfortunately, THAT puts us directly into a collision with Russia, and Russia has warned in the past that it will be forced to use nuclear weapons to protect her interests in Syria.

History will record that World War III began in 2011 when Turkey and Saudi Arabia created the uprising against Assad in Damascus.

The only question is when this war goes nuclear.

(We’ll get to that later.)

So, let’s take a closer look at the Petrodollar System.

Orders from Riyadh – The Birth of the Petrodollar System

Once I had thought my way through all the above, things became a bit clearer. And, this has allowed me to understand current events a little better.

As I said previously, if the petrodollar system falls, the American Empire falls. This means that whoever controls petroleum, controls the American Empire.

We invaded Iraq twice to preserve the petrodollar. We’ve been training and arming jihadis in Syria to preserve the petrodollar. And, we seem awfully reluctant to do ANYTHING to ISIS because of the petrodollar.

Oh, and we’ll have a nuclear war because of the petrodollar. I almost forgot about that one.

Amazing Circumstances

What an amazing set of circumstances. Because of the deal made back in 1973 between Nixon and Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saudfriends call him King – of Saudi Arabia, America’s foreign policy has been captured by Islam.

Whoa. I can’t believe that I just wrote that, but it’s true.

The true leaders of Islam – the ruling family of Saudi Arabia – have America on a leash. If America doesn’t do what the House of Saud tells them to do, wellll… they just have to hint at how great the Chinese yuan would be as the new petro-currency… and, America will salute and obey.

And yes, the situation really is that bizarre.

Let me take a moment to go over again why this is true, because I know that this is almost too incredible to believe. And, I only believe it because I did the math. So, let’s DO the math. Again.

It Starts With World War II

At the beginning of World War II, everyone was afraid that Germany and Japan would win, so they shipped their gold to the safest place on the planet – America. Austria, France, Britain, China and a bunch of other people sent their gold bullion to America, for safe-keeping.

After World War II was over, America was the only country with all of her industrial capacity undamaged, so she became the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. And… she had all the gold.

Bretton Woods Agreement

Furthermore, the US dollar was still on the gold standard, so it was natural for all the major currencies of the world to put themselves on the gold standard by tying their currencies to the US dollar. It was just a logical thing to do. We call this the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Oh, and since the Soviets were such a big threat, they left their gold in the US.

All of this concentrated a tremendous amount of financial power in the hands of the US, and as Lord Acton wrote in 1887:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

Well, like I said, America couldn’t keep her hands out of the cookie jar and started to print more dollars than she had in gold. And, that worked fine as long as the other nations of the world didn’t figure this out.

And, they didn’t – for almost thirty years.

This allowed the US to build up a big military, a space program and buy votes… err …invest in a welfare state. The fox was in charge of the hen house, and the chickens had no idea.

Bretton Woods Agreement Ends

Unfortunately, for the US, the chickens (Britain, France, Germany, etc.) started to figure out that the US wasn’t playing fair.

However, since the price of gold was set at $35/ounce, the chickens decided to buy back their gold and get out of the ‘hen house’. The process started out as a trickle, and then became a flood. All the dollars that the US government had been printing were starting to come home to roost, and the US treasury was going to run out of gold. And THAT could not be allowed to happen.

That’s why Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard on August 15th, 1971. That solved the problem about the declining gold reserves, but it was replaced by a much bigger one.

How was America going to fund Lyndon Johnson’s welfare state AND the cold war with the Soviet Union?


The Oil Problem

As Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger dithered over what to do about this problem, another situation was raising its ugly head – oil.

During the late 1940s, America stopped being an exporter of oil and became a net importer. In the 1950s, 10% of all oil consumption was imported. In the ’60s, it was 18%. And then, in 1970, US production of crude oil peaked. American imports of oil were going to accelerate, right at the time when the US dollar was going to get weaker and weaker.

This meant that the might of the United States was going to weaken, right at the height of the Cold War. It also meant that the rich and powerful in the US were going to be less rich and powerful, and we JUST. COULDN’T. HAVE. THAT.

Henry Has An Idea

However, Henry Kissinger is one of the smartest psychopaths ever to hold political office in the US, and he figured out something that would fix all of America’s ‘problems’ and ensure her hegemony for decades to come:

The Petrodollar System

We can’t be certain when Henry approached King Faisal of Saudi Arabia with this idea. But, Faisal was a smart dude, and wouldn’t have jumped on this without some serious thinking. Faisal also had some problems of his own.

Saudi Arabia’s finances were a mess, and she had a lot of oil wealth under the ground and no military power to protect it. He didn’t like the Communists, but he wasn’t really impressed with the Americans, either. Egypt had been his biggest military threat, but they’d been trounced by the Israelis in 1967, so you can imagine that he was taking a ‘wait and see’ approach – as he thought about Kissinger’s offer.

All of that takes time, which is why we don’t know when the petrodollar idea was presented to the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia Agrees

Then came 1973. Israel won big and could have gone on to utterly destroy Syria and Egypt, but Israel was stopped by the US. And THAT demonstrated America’s leash on Israel and America’s willingness to yank on it.

That probably settled it for our boy Faisal. The US could be trusted to do what he wanted them to do, so he signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement on February 13th, 1974.

And THAT was the birth of the Petrodollar.

(And THAT is also why the US Federal Government
has always been an enemy of Israel.

But, wait…

…why is all of that important?

I’m glad that you asked that, but I’m not done yet. You need to understand a few things first.

So, If You Want Oil, You Need Dollars

This petrodollar system meant that,  if you wanted gasoline for your cars, you had to make sure that the US liked you.


I’ll answer that question next. In fact, I’ll do more than that. I’ll talk about the amazing and mind-blowing implications, and why YOU are in a heap of trouble if you don’t pay attention and prepare. And, later on, we’ll even talk about why this petrodollar system will end in nuclear war.

Orders from Riyadh – Petrodollar Slavery

The impact of the petrodollar system is so utterly fantastic, that it’s hard to fit it all together in a way that makes sense. This is part of the reason why I’ve spent so much time on this subject.

The other part of the problem is that I, myself, have been working my way through this puzzle, and writing about it has helped me see new aspects. You might say that the process of writing helps me wrestle with difficult ideas. And, the petrodollar is one of the most important ideas that I’ve run into.

So, let’s keep wrestling with this petrodollar idea.

A Tiny Bit Of Necessary Review

note: I repeat myself a lot when dealing with difficult issues. And, I’m doing that here, because you MUST understand the Petrodollar System.

We just talked about how and why the Petrodollar System started. It was the brainchild of one of the most diabolical men in US history, Henry Kissinger, and his petrodollar idea rescued America from the consequences of the corruption of Lyndon Johnson and paved the way for America to become the greatest empire the world has ever known – making slaves of anyone who wanted oil. But, I’m getting ahead of myself, because I haven’t shown you how this worked out so dramatically in America’s favor.

Remember that the deal America made with Saudi Arabia in 1973 – and then OPEC in 1975 – meant that no one in the world – NO ONE – could buy oil in any currency, except the US dollar. If you didn’t have oil, you needed US dollars to buy it.

Please keep that thought firmly in mind as we talk about how important oil is.

The Importance Of Oil

If you are one of my readers at, you’ve probably heard me rant on and on about the importance of oil, and how vital it is to the continued existence of our civilization – at least, as it is organized now. So, humor me as I talk a bit more about how important it is. When we get to the end of this discussion, you will be blown away as the pieces come together for you.

(And no, you do NOT need to believe in Peak Oil
to understand the significance of what I am talking about.

I know of no better discussion on the importance of oil than this video:

There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)

YouTube shortlink:

That video is a masterpiece in describing just how vital oil is to our society. Other films and videos might be more thorough or comprehensive, but none communicate the fundamental facts and ideas better than this one – in such a short amount of time.

And, like I said, you do not need to agree with the Peak Oil conclusion to understand the film’s point about how important oil is. (But, if you reject the Peak Oil conclusion, you will forgive me if I question your sanity in refusing to see the obvious.)

Oil And Population Size

To put the importance of oil in an even broader perspective, just take a look at this graph:

A Brief History of Oil & Humans (

A Brief History of Oil & Humans (

You can argue all you want about all the other factors that led to the current size of the human population, but you CANNOT ARGUE with the fact that oil is the chief cause. Everything else is just detail.

So… to make the understatement of the year …oil is important.

Because Oil Is About Food

According to, the average US farmer feeds 155 people. But, that wasn’t always the case. In 1940, one farmer could feed 19 people. More than a century ago, one farmer fed two and a half.

The difference?


Without oil…

…a farmer cannot produce enough food to support all the factory workers, teachers, engineers, scientists, judges, policemen, garbage collectors, sewage workers, physicians, hospital administrators, day care workers, film makers, programmers, librarians, writers (especially writers), construction workers, soldiers, pilots, truck drivers, sailors, plumbers, newscasters, and anyone else that I missed.

Without oil, all those people (at least 90%) need to become farmers.

That’s right. Without oil, we go back to what life was like in the 1790s when 90% of the population were farmers. Although, a nation of clever farmers might be able to produce enough food so that only a little over 50% of the nation were farmers – like it was in the 1870s.

The Farm Tractor

Move forward thirty years to that vital point in time when the first farm tractor was being produced. In 1901, it was the first commercially successful light-weight petrol-powered general purpose tractor. And, once THAT happened, it was all over. Oil was here to stay.

Oil-powered tractors gave farmers a decisive advantage over farmers without them. And, from that point on, a nation without oil could not compete with a nation that had it…

…because everyone needs to eat. Everyone.

So, you got it. Oil is important… no …VITAL if a country wants to prosper.

Here Comes The Petrodollar

Fast forward from 1901 to the 1970s and the petrodollar system.

This petrodollar system meant that, if you wanted to buy oil to fuel farm tractors (and anything else) , you had to have US dollars to buy your oil.


Because Henry Kissinger convinced the Saudis in 1973 (and then OPEC in 1975) to ONLY accept US dollars for their oil. No other currency would be allowed. If you didn’t have dollars, you didn’t get oil. And, if you wanted dollars, there was only one place that you could go to get them:

The United States of America

How You Get US Dollars To Buy Oil

Okay, so all you have to do, to get US dollars is to go and ask for them.


Um… no. If you want US dollars from America, you’ve got to offer Americans something that they want, at a price that they like. If Americans don’t like what you have, you don’t get US dollars.

Well, how about the foreign exchange markets?

That’s just the same thing, except this time you have to go to ANOTHER country that has been selling stuff to America and get THEM to cough up their dollars. And, they won’t do that, unless you offer to give them something that they want more than oil – since they are using those dollars to buy oil.

You Need To Please America To Get US Dollars

All of this means that you have to be really clever and work really hard if you want…

  • …your farmers to produce more food (farm tractors need fuel).
  • …more workers for your factories so that they can make things that Americans want.
  • …better education so that your workers can make better stuff that Americans want.
  • …good healthcare so that your workers can keep making stuff that Americans want.

You get the picture. From the moment of the birth of the petrodollar, if you didn’t please America, you didn’t get oil, and that meant you stayed an under-developed country.

Why do I say that you stayed under-developed?

Otherwise You Stay Under-Developed

Without oil to power tractors, your farms produce only enough food to feed the farmer and just two or three other people. And, THAT means you have a highly agrarian society without sophisticated healthcare, education or manufacturing.

Really, it’s as simple as that.

Track the progress of technological development and you will find that it closely follows the agricultural yield curve. Or, maybe I should put it another way:

Everyone needs to eat, especially scientists, engineers and doctors.

Let’s Make This Personal

Now, my lovely wife ambushed me while I was writing this with a rather thorny question:

No one is going to understand all that, if they aren’t a currency trader.

Why did I have to marry such a smart woman?

So, let’s try to work our way through an example of how this works. And, since I live in Taiwan, and since Taiwan has essentially no crude oil reserves, let’s use Taiwan.

The Taiwan Example

Taiwan buys a little over 400 million barrels of oil a year. The price of oil is about $50  a barrel, which means that Taiwan needs $20 billion US dollars. Taiwan has a population of about 23.34 million people. This means that every year, each and every man, woman and child needs to come up with $856.90 – each.

That’s a lot of money for the average citizen of Taiwan, but you hafta do what ya hafta do. So, let’s print up a bunch of Taiwanese currency and give THAT to the Americans. Unfortunately, Americans don’t want Taiwanese currency (aka, New Taiwan dollars).



Yes. Really. Americans can’t buy anything with New Taiwan dollars. They can’t buy eggs, milk or steak with the currency of Taiwan. (Remember that the Arabs won’t give you oil if you don’t give them US dollars.)

So, what are the Taiwanese going to do?

Hey. Maybe the Japanese would give Taiwan some US dollars. A lot of Japanese come here for visits and…


Why are youe giving me that look again?

Let me repeat this again. The Arabs ONLY take US dollars, and the Japanese have the same problem that the Taiwanese do. They need to get their US dollars from the only people who print them: The US.


So, how do you get dollars from the US?

You sell them stuff. And, right now, America likes the electrical machinery made by Taiwan.

Doesn’t America make electrical machinery?

Taiwan MUST Sell Stuff To America

Of course. But, remember that Taiwan needs dollars to buy oil, so the Taiwanese work really, REALLY hard to make the best and cheapest machinery that they can – so that they can sell it to the US and get dollars. To get an idea of what that means, per capita GDP for Taiwan is US$20,900, while for America its US$53,100. The average American, even now, makes more than two and a half times more money than the average Taiwanese.

Or, maybe I should put it this way…

…The average Taiwanese is two and a half times POORER than the average American – partly because Taiwan must get as many US dollars as she can, so that she can buy oil. And yes, I can personally tell you that the Taiwanese are much, much poorer than the average American, and work absolutely insane hours for what little money they get.

Are you starting to see how America has enslaved the world?

America Has Enslaved The World

It has, more powerfully than any other empire has ever enslaved the world. The Petrodollar shackles that America put on the world are truly amazing. But, there’s something else that happened as a result of this fantastic Petrodollar System.

The Petrodollar Is Why US Manufacturing Died

As you think about the need for the world to manufacture stuff to get US dollars to buy oil…

Could this explain why all the manufacturing jobs in America left the United States?

The only way that ANY country in the world was going to get ANY US dollars to buy ANY oil… was to take manufacturing jobs away from Americans. So, if you want to blame someone for the hollowing out of the US manufacturing sector, the one to blame is Henry Kissinger.

But wait, there’s more.

Henry was very, very clever in how this diabolical agreement was set up. So, you do NOT want to miss the next section. And yes, all of this will be leading up to those Orders from Riyadh that will lead us straight to nuclear war.

Orders from Riyadh – The Petrodollar Debt and Death System

I’m still amazed at this Petrodollar System. The more I look at it, the more I realize how it has shaped the world over the last forty years. One brilliant psychopath had an idea and made everyone in the world slaves to the US Federal Reserve.


That psychopath was Henry Alfred Kissinger, and he incorporated yet another brilliant idea into his system that has kept the American Empire alive far longer than anyone could have imagined. In fact, I believe that it is this second element that is the sole reason why so many of us have been wrong in our predictions of the death of the dollar.

I call it the Petrodollar Debt and Death System.

A Little Review – Part 1

Okay, we have talked about how and why the Petrodollar System got started. The world sent their gold to the US and trusted America to not abuse her position as the king of the world financial system. Unfortunately, America abused the privilege  – especially under Lyndon Johnson – and that forced Nixon to take the US (and the world) off of the gold standard. This meant that the dollar was going to fail, so Kissinger convinced Saudi Arabia, and then OPEC, to accept ONLY US dollars for their oil. And, THAT gave birth to the Petrodollar System.

With me so far?

A Little Review – Part 2

It also enslaved the world to the US. Oil was the key to development, so if you didn’t have any (and most didn’t) you had to get US dollars. And, there was only ONE way to get US dollars – convince Americans to give them to you. Of course, Americans wanted something for their dollars, and that meant that everyone in the world had to work really, Really, REALLY HARD to make something good enough and cheap enough – so that Americans would buy from THEM, instead of from one of their own made-in-America companies.

This killed the manufacturing sector in the US, because it is extremely difficult to compete with starving foreigners willing to work long hours, for low pay, to get oil – so they can eat and send their kids to a good school.

And, if you don’t believe me, come visit us here in Taiwan.

All of this means that you and I are the world’s biggest slave masters. The fact that no one understood the shackles that we put on them… well, that was just icing on the cake – the really nice kind, made with cream cheese.

Petrodollar Debt

But… there’s one extra bit that was positively brilliant. This petrodollar system required the Saudis (and OPEC) to buy treasury bonds. When I saw this on Jerry Robinson’s website,

…the excess profits of the oil-producing nations are then placed into U.S. government debt securities held in Western banks…

…I was in awe.


Jerry goes on to describe the implications:

  • It increases global demand for U.S. dollars
  • It increases global demand for U.S. bonds
  • It gives the United States the ability to buy oil by printing as many dollars as it wants

You and I have already figured out the increased global demand for US dollars. That was already a brilliant move. But, the fact that it increased the global demand for US treasuries and bonds…

Whoa, THAT was really, REALLY brilliant.

The National Debt Overflows – And It’s Okay

This meant that the US government could go into as MUCH debt as she wanted, and not worry about the repercussions.

Isn’t that amazing?

It was as if a money spigot had been installed in the sky and turned on. And, it rained money on all of us.

The problem is that we have abused the privilege, just like we did under Lyndon Johnson – and every other president afterwards. Even though Kissinger had installed a ‘money spigot’ in the sky, there were still limits, and we went beyond them.

But, we’ll get to that later, because there’s something else that we need to get to.

The Dollar Printing Press Runs At Full Speed – And It’s Okay

You see, not only could we borrow as much as we wanted, we could also PRINT as much as we wanted. We could print all the dollars that we wanted, to buy our own oil. AND, we could print as many dollars as it took to buy all the foreign-made stuff that we wanted, so that those foreigners could buy their own oil, too. Think of OPEC oil production as just one massive wealth printing machine – a wealth printing machine that would never blow up on you.

Of course, never is long time, and we ran out of ‘never’. Even fabulous and massive wealth printing machines start to wear out when you push them too hard, and THAT’s what happened. But, we’ll also get to that a little later.

The World Enslaved

The world was caught in this incredible bind. If you wanted to develop into an educated, prosperous society with advanced healthcare, you needed to work twice as hard as Americans, so that you could make stuff more cheaply than the stuff that Americans were already making.

And, if you had a neighboring country who didn’t like you very much… well …you had an even greater need to develop, because a good military just isn’t possible without a good economy.


Weapons are expensive, and the really GOOD weapons are American. So, if you want the best, you gotta go American. And, Americans only accept… you guessed it …US dollars. And, if you fall off the US dollar treadmill

Guess what happens?

You get eaten by your neighbor.

Islam Comes To America

Also, since the US is ten times bigger and a hundred times stronger than Saudi Arabia and OPEC, America really didn’t have much to fear from her Petrodollar partners… except… well…

Have you ever wondered why Islam has become a protected entity in America?

Or, why Obama went to the Muslim world immediately after his first election?

Is This Why Obama Might Be Muslim?

Yeah, the Muslim oil sheiks weren’t stupid. They knew that the only way to keep themselves from being eaten by the US was to work on changing America, from within. And, this Petrodollar System gave them the money to work on changing America.

  • Could this be why Obama has a ‘wedding ring’ that says “There is no god except Allah” on it?
  • Could this be why he’s been wearing that ring since the 1980s in Harvard, BEFORE he was married?
  • Could this be due to the fact that he had a mysterious benefactor that put him through university?
  • Could this benefactor be Saudi?

And, it might explain THIS picture:

Obama bows to King Abullah of Saudi Arabia

Obama bows to King Abullah of Saudi Arabia

And this picture:

Obama in Muslim dress

Obama in Muslim dress

And THIS picture:

Is Obama Muslim?

Is he saying the Shahada, here?

And, it may also be why the Saudis supported a man who was registered as a Muslim, when he lived in Indonesia. And, under rules of Islam, once a Muslim… ALWAYS a Muslim.

Now, does all of this mean that Obama is a Muslim with allegiance to the King of Saudi Arabia?

Not necessarily, but the theory uncomfortably fits many of the facts.

And, if I were the Saudis and worried that their ‘partner’ – the United States – could steamroll them at any moment they wanted to…

…well, I’d do my very best to have a US president who was one of THEIRS.

Hey, that’s what I would do, if I were ruling Saudi Arabia and had TRILLIONS of dollars flowing through my hands.

I leave this for you to decide. There could be even deeper waters here, that you and I cannot see. Although, all will be seen, eventually.

But, let’s get back to the Petrodollar System.

War And Death

We’ve figured out the debt angle. So, let’s talk about war and death. Let’s talk about some of the wars fought because of the Petrodollar System. You see, the Petrodollar System is why:

  • Saddam Hussein was put in power by the CIA, in July of 1979.
  • Iraq fought the Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 1988.
  • The US kicked Iraq out of Kuwait in 1990.
  • 500 thousand children died in Iraq during The Sanctions Against Iraq.
  • Arab agitators always had the money and support to stir up the Palestinians against the Israelis.
  • The Second Chechen War was fought between 1999 and 2000.
  • The US would say nothing to the fact that so many Saudis were hijackers in 9/11, and why Saudi diplomats and the Saudi intelligence service provided logistics and support for the 9/11 terrorists.
  • There was an attempted coup against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 2002.
  • The US invaded Iraq in 2003.
  • The Syrian uprising began so conveniently in 2011.
  • The US overthrew – and then assassinated – Muammar Gaddafi of Libya in 2011.
  • The US has been training and arming insurgents in Syria since 2012.
  • The US tried to find a way to attack Syria in 2013.
  • The US has been reluctant to attack ISIS in Iraq.
  • The US planned/plans to attack Iran (but can’t quite figure out how).

And, that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. That is A LOT of war to defend the Petrodollar System. And, it’s one of the reasons why no one dares to price any oil they might have, in anything but US dollars – even if you are Russia (until recently).

Debt And Death

That is why the Petrodollar is about debt AND death. When you start to understand all of this, you start to get the idea why so much has happened that was so awful.

It has been the biggest cash cow in the history of the world. Nothing has concentrated more wealth in the hands of so few, so quickly, than the petrodollar system. Nothing.

Is it any wonder that Kissinger is considered the CEO of the Illuminati?

He is the one that has handed the Illuminati more wealth than anyone else in more than 200 years of their ‘official’ history. It is a truly awe-inspiring triumph of corruption.

The System Begins To Crack

But, the system is starting to crack. There was too much corruption for too long, and it has eaten away at the foundations of the Petrodollar System. Furthermore, OPEC oil production has stopped growing and begun to fall. In fact, conventional crude oil production everywhere in the world has begun to fall. And THAT has changed the dynamics of the Petrodollar System.

America’s need to protect the Petrodollar System has made her more and more vulnerable to the needs and demands of the Saudis and OPEC. And this has brought the United States onto a collision course with a revitalized Russia.

And THAT brings us to the Orders from Riyadh that will lead us to nuclear war, that we will talk about NEXT.

Orders from Riyadh – Nuclear War

When Saudi Arabia and OPEC became the paymasters for the American Empire, the Arabs were fairly unsophisticated in the game of world power. That has changed.

Now, the sheikhs are better at handling the leash and the lash, which is why it is easier to see Arab machinations behind the wars in the Middle East. There’s also another problem.

The profit margins for the Saudi sheikhs have exploded, and that has given them even more power. Unfortunately, with great power comes the opportunity to miscalculate and destroy everything – and, that’s why we are being led by the nose to nuclear war.

Those Saudis are no great sheikhs.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

A Little Review

If you are with me so far, you’ve learned about why and how the Petrodollar System got started:

Orders from Riyadh – The Birth of the Petrodollar System

Then, you learned about how fantastic it was for the American Empire, and how it enslaved the world:

Orders from Riyadh – Petrodollar Slavery

And then, you got a chance to see how it became a ‘debt and death’ system:

Orders from Riyadh – The Petrodollar Debt and Death System

Now, we get to see how it will destroy us, in one final cataclysm.

First, A Little Talk About Money

Please remember that the price of oil is determined on the ‘margins’, not at the core – especially when you have a constrained resource, like oil. So, when demand for oil goes up, other more-expensive oil comes online and drives up the price of oil, sharply. The cost of producing oil for core producers like Saudi Arabia will not necessarily have gone up by much. And, THAT means huge profits for low-cost producers like the Saudis. HUGE profits.

And, money means power, the power to settle a few scores and rework the Middle East, according to how THEY see things.

Enter The Russians

Also, at the same time, far-sighted oligarchs in Russia had taken over the oil and natural gas industries. And, the money started rolling in. That money brought with it dreams of a new Russian Empire and an obliteration of Russian shame at the fall of the Soviet Union.

This revitalized Russia could afford better weapons and better training – especially since they had reduced the size of their military. They also started reaching out to those who were concerned by America’s aggressive power.

The Russians started building pipelines and doing deals. China, Iran and Germany made deals. Syria and Iraq made deals. Lots of people welcomed Russian deals.

Unhappy Saudis

Saudi Arabia was never happy with Russia, and began funding Chechen rebels in the south of Russia. This lead to the Second Chechen War and was a HUGE problem for Russia, and that problem was only neutralized somewhat with a victory by the Russians in May of 2000.

I was appalled at the Saudis for openly admitting their involvement in that Chechen War. If the Russians weren’t deadly enemies of the Saudis then, they are now.

Then There Was Syria

Then came the pipeline deal that Russia was trying to make happen. That pipeline, the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, was going to bring natural gas from Iran to a port in Syria where it would be shipped to Europe. Iran was going to make money on this deal. Russia was going to make money on this deal. Syria was going to make money. The Shiites in Iraq were going to make money.

The Saudis liked NONE of that, especially since Iran was a deadly threat to Saudi Arabia. So, as the deal was coming closer to being finished, Saudi Arabia and Turkey launched an uprising in Syria. That killed the pipeline deal. And, it also painted an even bigger Russian bullseye on Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Israel had discovered natural gas under the Mediterranean Sea. And THAT wasn’t making Russia very happy, either.

Add to this the fact that Qatar would like to run a pipeline up to Turkey and through the Balkans, so that they could sell natural gas to Europe, too. But, for that to happen, Syria needed to be taken down, because Syria is run by Shiite heretics and Qatar is Sunni.

Russia Cannot Lose Syria

Oh, and if Syria is taken down, there goes Russia’s only serious naval port in the Mediterranean. That would also mean Russia would lose their only real toehold in the Middle East.

Russia has repeatedly warned that nuclear war would come if her interests in Syria are threatened. But, very few have been taking any of that seriously.

Let’s Not Forget America

Now, just as Saudi profits were exploding, America’s finances were doing the opposite. This radically changed the dynamics of the relationship between the US and OPEC. The Saudis have gotten a bigger say in what goes on in the US, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, is a convert to Islam.

Who was it that staged the coup in Ukraine?

The CIA (with the US State Department).

Russia Threatened Again And Again And Again

That coup in Ukraine is a MASSIVE threat to Russia, as I described, here:

Ukraine Cannot Escape Russia – The Carpathians

Russia CANNOT allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of the West. They consider THAT to be a massive existential threat. They always have. They always will.

And, let’s not forget America’s involvement in the Russo-Georgian War in 2008. You can bet that the Russians haven’t forgotten.

Then there’s this fascinating bit of talk making the rounds in the halls of power in Washington D.C. Idiots are talking about how they could win a nuclear war with Russia because of America’s ‘wonderful’ anti-missile defenses. And, you can bet that the Russians have been hearing this ‘talk’.

Let me add something else about Russia. Russian society and Russian thinking has been shaped by a history of EXTREME vulnerability. Their history is one of either being under attack, or the threat of being under attack.

This means that Russia takes a bigger view of threats than you or I would. And yes, I understand why you would disagree, because I used to, too. But, that was before I saw how Russian history has shaped Russia.

Putting The Pieces Together

All of that, and more, are pieces in a catastrophic puzzle. So now, let me put the pieces together for you.

  • We have a Russia that feels under attack. They feel like the United States and her OPEC paymasters are threatening her existence. (And yes, that is EXACTLY how they feel.) Furthermore, Russia cannot win a conventional war with the US or NATO, which is why her nuclear weapons are the most modern in the world.
  • We have Saudis and other oil-rich Arabs attempting to reshape the Middle East, and are yanking on the leash that they have on America to do their bidding. Unfortunately, these Arabs have been overconfident and have directly threatened the existence of Russia.

Can you believe that the head of Saudi Intelligence stuck a finger in Putin’s face?

  • We have a United States that is desperate to keep the Petrodollar System going, because it would mean the end of the American Empire. There is no WAY that the US would EVER allow that system to end. It would destroy EVERYTHING. Couple that thinking with a belief that America could emerge from a nuclear war unscathed…

Three IFs

Well, this means that we have a problem.

  • If the Saudis believe that America can win a nuclear war, you can bet that the Saudis will be pushing for a nuclear war. Furthermore, they have become overconfident as they play with fire.
  • If the threat to the Petrodollar System gets too large, and if America feels like she can win a nuclear war, you can bet that there will be a MASSIVE push for a nuclear war. The drumbeat for this war will increase as the American economy declines.
  • If the Russians believe that the threat of a nuclear war is big enough, they WILL shoot first, because they know that this is the only way that they can survive. And, they have specifically developed nuclear missiles that can avoid being shot down by American anti-missile defenses.

So, here’s the question:

Will there be a nuclear war?

Nuclear War Unavoidable

I believe that it is unavoidable, unless America’s military power can be neutralized quickly enough. I believe that it IS possible for America to be neutralized, but it is a slim possibility. Very slim.

Furthermore, the very act of neutralizing American power might touch off the very nuclear war that Russia and China would like to avoid. So, I’m not sure how to avoid a nuclear war.

And, let’s not forget that many good men and women of God have received dreams and visions of nuclear war, and it is hard to discount those. Very hard.

As far as I am concerned, nuclear war is inescapable. There are too many psychopaths with too much power making too many miscalculations. And, a nuclear war would be the only solution to these evil fools.

This means that this nuclear war will ultimately come, whether directly or indirectly, at the Orders from Riyadh.




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