These are the Days of the End

But wait. Before I jump into this discussion of the prelude to Ezekiel’s Fire, I need to remind you of the small amount of time that we have left.

June 7th

As I write this, June 7th was a few months ago, and it marked the 48th anniversary of the beginning of the Last Days. On June 7th, 1967, Motta Gur shouted the cry heard around the world:

haHar haBayit b’Yadenu! – (The Temple Mount is in our hands!)

From the moment that the city of Jerusalem was captured by the Jews, a clock started ticking. A generation would not pass before the events described in Luke 21 would all be fulfilled. I talked about all that when I mentioned the Prophecy Clock in Chapter One, and as I said before, America is on the road to destruction.

Unfortunately, America deserves that destruction, and I’ll be talking about that, in just a moment. But, let me review a bit first.

The Words Of Jesus Christ

The importance of June 7th lies in the words of Jesus, when His anxious disciples asked about the destruction of Jerusalem (which would happen almost 40 years later, in AD 70) and the coming of the Last Days and His return. Christ goes on to give us a prophecy in one verse that spans one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven years:

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Luke 21:24

That prophecy was fulfilled on June 7th – 48 years ago, in 1967. As that day came to a close, the Jewish government of Israel controlled all of the city of Jerusalem, and the Laws of Israel would quickly reign supreme in every square inch of that ancient city. Luke 21:24 was no longer a moment for the future, but was now a historical fact.

Jerusalem Under Complete Control By Israel

And, for those who wish to claim otherwise, allow me to explain that Jewish Israeli policemen – and Jewish Israeli Law – control all parts of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Having been a long-time resident of Jerusalem, I know whereof I speak. The gentiles do NOT control any part of Jerusalem.


The Final Generation

However, it is THIS verse that should concentrate our minds:

So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

Luke 21:31-32

Jesus was indicating that you would know that the Last Days had begun when you saw the events that He described begin to happen.

What was that first event?

Jerusalem being lost by the gentiles

Jerusalem marks the very first fulfillment in the list of prophecies given by Jesus, and we know that this list is just a generation long. And, 48 years have already passed us by.

How much time do we have left?

Not much. Not much at all.

Just 22 Years Left

According to Moses, in Psalm 90, the predetermined lifespan of a man is 70 years. If this is the span of time that Jesus it talking about in Luke 21:31-32, this means that we have 22 years (or less) to fit in ALL of the remaining prophecies of the Last Days. This must include the salvation of Israel, seven years of cleanup after Gog and Magog, the rise of the Antichrist (yes, it takes time) and the Great Tribulation. But, that’s not all.

It must also include the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17) and the fall of Egypt and the drying up of the Nile (Isaiah 19). The way those chapters are written, they cannot occur AFTER the Tribulation. They MUST occur before.

Subtract all of that from the 22 years that appear to be left… and this means that events must get started very, very soon. Very soon.

Nuclear War and Ezekiel’s Fire

And a very prominent cycles expert, Martin Armstrong, says that the cycles of War and Civil War converged for the first time in centuries, last year, in 2014. And, the cycle for financial collapse began either that year, or in late 2015.

All of this means that, in just a few short years, our world will be devastated by cataclysmic war and a solar flare larger than any that has ever been seen in the history of mankind – Ezekiel’s Fire. As we get into this chapter, I will be talking more about nuclear war and/or collapse from within, and those are the most realistic scenarios. And, many devout brothers in Christ have seen evidence of these scenarios in dreams and visions.

What Should You Do?

It should not surprise us that such events are on their way. The fact that the future looks like it has been torn from the pages of the Book of Revelation… well, it’s a shock, but we knew that this was coming.

Ask yourself what the Lord wants you to do.

Do you know where God wants you to be as these events of the Last Days unfold?

If you don’t, it is time to get on your hands and knees and ask for direction, and then take it. If God does not give you clear direction, then I believe that you should get out of harm’s way until God shows you what you are supposed to be doing.

We have a job to do, and it is time for us to be about our Father’s business.




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