The idea that my beautiful country, America, will be attacked and destroyed fills me with horror. It is such a wonderful place, with so many wonderful people. The idea that her cities would become wastelands and her people dead or dispossessed…

…well, it’s almost beyond comprehension.

Unfortunately, the clues left behind by John the Revelator show us that this is an inevitability. And Ezekiel chimes in with a coming of Gog and Magog that leaves no room for our America to exist as she is now. Furthermore, a close look at America’s goading of Russia leads us to a conviction that we truly are on course for the fulfillment of a terrifying prophecy.

Most of those who die, will fall at the hands of their neighbors or at the lack of food or water. The survivors will be refugees in their own country, or imprisoned by a resurgent America under new management – clawing its way back into power, to become the eighth head and The Beast.

What arises from America’s rubble will shock the world and leave them in awe, and no one will be able to stand before this dark and evil version of the country that we once knew.

In the meantime, the world will experience the greatest solar flare in the history of mankind, knocking out the electrical and electronic infrastructure of the world from Russia and the Middle East to Europe and Africa – reaching even North and South America.

It will be the perfect situation for The Beast to rise and take over – with no one in any condition to resist.

There is a bit of good news because it will take some time for this Beast system to grab hold of the world and then consolidate her power. The new Christians that arise from the aftermath of Gog and Magog will have a chance to grow and flourish. Those of you that have prepared will be able and ready to serve God and help others get out of harm’s way.

But, that’s the future.

Right now, you are sitting at ground zero, if you live in the United States or Europe. You have a big need to get out from the target zone.

When Ezekiel’s Fire arrives, it will hit western Asia, Europe and maybe whatever is left of America. In fact, ANYONE living in a place that requires electricity to obtain fresh water is going to be in trouble. Serious trouble.

The only people that MIGHT not suffer directly from Ezekiel’s Fire MIGHT be East Asia. Unfortunately, no one can say that East Asia will escape this solar flare. If history is our guide, this solar flare won’t last all that long – which means that Europe and western Asia will suffer the most.

Whatever happens, you MUST have access to drinkable water that does not require electricity for you to get it – or purify enough to drink.

Then, you will need food. You can’t live very long without it. But, if there is no electricity, you won’t be able to get food – unless you grow it yourself, or someone agrees to grow it for you. And, they won’t give it to you for free.

What would a farmer want, that you could give him, in exchange for his food?

In a society that no longer works the way that it used to work?

Think about that problem for a moment. A society that is used to working with electricity will self-destruct when that electricity is gone. And, it will self-destruct in a horrifyingly violent way. People dying of thirst will kill for the water that you have. Those who survive and are dying of hunger, will kill for food.

Most of us will die at the hands of friends, family and neighbors. Hunger and thirst strips away the fake veneer that we show other people. And, it takes a great deal of faith to die of thirst and starvation without resorting to violence against a brother or sister in Christ – or anyone else.

Do you have enough faith to die of thirst or starvation, instead of resorting to violence?

If you don’t prepare for what is coming, you are going to find out.

Again, those in America are under an even greater threat, because they will suffer a cataclysmic attack, BEFORE Ezekiel’s Fire arrives. So, there is a special need for Americans to pay attention to this.

This really will be one of the ultimate tests of faith. However, I would like to spare you from as much pain and suffering as I can. And THAT is what this chapter is all about.


Here are the sections in Chapter Four:

Without Jesus You CANNOT Survive

Location, Location, Location

Food and Water

Gold, Silver and Other Things of Value

Surviving the Coming Genocide

Shelter In Place – When Evacuation isn’t an Option

Your Last Wake-Up Call – James Wesley Rawles





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