Location, Location, Location

Now that we’ve established that Without Jesus You CANNOT Survive, we need to move on to the next step. If you haven’t read the first part of this chapter, I recommend that you do so. Please remember that it is our membership in the family of God through our saving relationship with Jesus Christ that gives us access to the protection of God the Father. Without His divine intervention, none of us have any hope for survival. It may seem that Satan has the upper hand, but our Father has a plan and is directly involved. Even Jesus said that God the Father will shorten the Last Days for our sake – otherwise no one will survive.

Also, do not think that you need to be wealthy to prepare. There is much that you can do with only a little money, and in some cases, no money at all. If you ARE wealthy, GREAT! This is your chance to prepare to help others less fortunate.

Remember that we will stand before the Lord one day and explain to Him what we did and did not do during this time.

Location, Location, Location

It may surprise you, but where you are is far more important than how much food you have. You can have all the food and water in the world, but if your neighbor breaks in and kills you for it…

…well, it didn’t help much, right?


Your neighbors will determine whether you survive a catastrophe, or not. Bad neighbors will take everything you have and even kill you in the process. Good neighbors will help you out and provide a level of security that you could never attain on your own, no matter how much of a Rambo you think you are.

Seriously, have you ever thought how much effort it takes to maintain 24 hour perimeter security?

And yes, you need that 24 hour ‘perimeter security’. Whether you know it or not, you have it right now. They call it the police, or the neighborhood watch. But, you won’t have any of that, when everything falls apart.

So, get good neighbors in a good neighborhood, and your security problems will probably go away.

But, a good neighbor isn’t the good-natured guy next door in your suburban community who goes Bass fishing on weekends. A good neighbor is far more than that, so you need to know the difference between congeniality and goodness.

What is a good neighbor, and where can you find them?

A good neighbor is someone like yourself – a brother or sister in Christ who walks closely with the Lord and understands the need to prepare for the bad times ahead. Unfortunately, I doubt that even 1% of us have such a neighbor. This means that you need to find new ones.

Seriously, you need to move – if you can. If you can’t, start looking for a community of people that you can get to quickly – and who will help you out – when everything falls apart. There are groups of people that have formed tight-knit communities all over the US (and other countries), and they will always be interested in adding new members who are like-minded.

Again, I cannot stress this enough.

You. Cannot. Do. This. On. Your. Own.

The best community is a church. If you can find a church that is truly Biblical, that knows and loves the Lord and is aware of what is coming… JOIN THAT CHURCH. You do NOT need to agree with every doctrinal position that they have. We all disagree on something. We are all wrong on something. Do NOT allow disagreement to keep you from joining a church that is on the right path. It is even possible that your different viewpoint may be exactly what that church needs – assuming that your viewpoint is correct.

So, start the process right now, of joining or forming, the community that you need.

But, what if you can’t find – or form – such a community?

Look harder. We are out there. But, if you are having too much trouble, God may be saying that your decision to stay where you are was the wrong one. If there are no like-minded believers in your area, then that might be another sign to get out. God the Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of those who love the Lord, so not finding like-minded brothers and sisters… well, it might be a sign that God has been moving them out of the area – a sign that you need to do the same.

If you can’t find a local community, where do you go?

James Wesley Rawles (JWR) has developed a concept that he calls ‘The American Redoubt‘. You can find a description of that here:


JWR is an amazing guy, and I have a huge respect for the brother in Christ that he is and the huge amount of great advice that he offers on his site. Pay VERY close attention to what James says. If you feel the Lord leading you to follow his recommendations, then I think that you should go for it.

There is a second option. Mr. Rawles and I disagree here, but you need to consider one idea very carefully – and that is expatriation. I strongly believe that the sins of the Church in America is bringing judgment down on the US, and I do not want to be anywhere near the blast zone. Furthermore, Satan is intent on destroying anything Christian in the US, and Christian communities will be the first targets in a collapse situation.

I also feel that a collapse in the US will bring down an iron curtain that will restrict movement into/out of/within The United States. And, I believe that we need to be positioned to serve the Lord in the aftermath of this first round of trouble. (And yes, this is only the FIRST round.) The reason why God put us on this Earth at this place and time is because we have a job to do. That job may be hard to see now, but when the dust settles, you’ll have a better understanding of the purpose that drives you to do what you are doing now.

If God has laid on your heart to serve Him overseas, now would be a good time to embrace that ‘pull’. I surrendered to that more than 20 years ago, and I am glad that I did. It won’t be easy, but the best things in life never are.

Now, let me arm you with some background information.


In any collapse situation, you will need to be AT LEAST 150 miles from any metropolitan city with a population over 100 thousand people.


Because, eventually, when all the resources run out (usually within 72 hours), they drive-then-walk outside the cities. You do NOT want to be within range of that horde. The good thing is that mobs tend to stop walking after three days, and few can walk more than 50 miles a day. So, 150 miles is a good figure to base your relocation on.

But, there’s a problem with that.

You see… if you draw a circle around every city with 100 thousand people, or more… and if that circle has a radius of 150 miles… (i.e., 300 miles wide) …there are few places in America that are safe.


The Danger Zones

Here’s an excellent map created by Ken Jorgustin of modernsurvivalblog.com:

Danger Zones

Danger Zones in the US

In the above image, it’s difficult to see the danger zones properly, so be sure to take a good hard look at the full size image, here:


That image comes from this excellent article:


And, he has a companion article here:


Please, PLEASE pay close attention to these images. Depending on what disaster finally takes the US down, the above picture might be instrumental in saving your life.

72 Hours

If you have not managed to permanently relocate, then you need to by hyper-aware of what you need to do in a collapse situation. In a failure of the monetary system, or any other form of catastrophic structural collapse, you have 72 hours to get away from a city and to a place of safety.

Another way of saying this is that we are all ‘Nine Meals From Anarchy‘. Three days is about the amount of time it takes for a population to finally wake up and realize that they are in serious trouble and need to find resources… or, should I say fight-for-and-take what you have.

If you cannot relocate, then you must have a plan and a secure retreat location that you can get to within 72 hours. And, always have a plan B and C. Work out this plan with your family and those friends that you trust. Have rendezvous points where you can regroup if you are separated.

And, THAT leads me to something that I will talk more about later. But, let’s at least mention it here.

Have a Plan

You MUST have a plan, and you MUST work out that plan carefully and thoughtfully. And, you MUST practice that plan. A well-made plan may be the difference between life and death.


We saw a recent example of this in the Philippines. Those that had a plan and were disaster-prepared survived without loss of life and in relative comfort. Those who did not, either died or suffered terribly, and they continue to suffer.

Remember that your plans and preparations will help you with more than The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). It will be helpful in almost ANY disaster situation.

The American Redoubt

Okay, you now know to get AWAY from the cities. So, let’s not talk about where you should get TO – assuming that you choose to stay within the United States. I don’t like the idea that you would choose to stay in the US, but that decision is between you and God.

If you must stay within the United States, then you should move to:

The American Redoubt

The American Redoubt is a concept of James Wesley Rawles, and he is someone that everyone should listen to. This is his website:


If you plan to stay in the United States, then you need to know EVERYTHING that he talks about.

When you’re sick, you need a doctor.

When you’re REALLY sick, you need a specialist.

James is a specialist, one that you will need if you plan on sticking around for all the fireworks that are coming.

This was brought to mind by a podcast that I listened to a little while ago, on PrepperRecon.com:


I recommend that you listen to the interview, because it offers the viewpoint of someone who made the decision to move to The American Redoubt. I was impressed by Hunter, the person being interviewed. And, he wants to help.

He was instrumental in setting up an information forum for those who are interested in learning more about relocation, and what you should do if you can’t. Here’s the site:


And, for those interested in a taking a bit of a look at what relocation might be like, Mr. Rawles’ son, Jonathan has a site, called Survival Realty:


It’s actually quite interesting to look through the properties that are available.

If you cannot relocate to The American Redoubt, at least have an action plan that will conceivably get you to a safe place, in the event of a catastrophic disaster. There are many different disasters rolling down on us, and a city will be the most dangerous place you could possibly be.

Please, have a plan.


I want to believe that America can be rescued. I want America to be that shining city on a hill that beckons the nations of the world to truth, righteousness and freedom. I want her to be one nation under God. I want her to be the country that demonstrates the love of Christ to the world.

Unfortunately, America is NOT that country, and cannot be that country unless the Body of Christ in America turns from their wickedness, asks forgiveness from God and sincerely follows the Lord, in humility and truth.

Until that happens, there can be no hope of rescue for our beloved country. And, I do not see evidence that any of this is happening. If I did, I would be far more optimistic.

It really is our sin that has taken us down this road into insanity. It was our wickedness that opened the gates to the enemy. And, we welcomed that enemy with open arms.

That enemy is bent upon our destruction, and it has finally gathered enough power to make a bid for complete control. And, when that takeover occurs, the doors will close and the music will stop.

The big question is whether you want to be where you are, right now, when that happens. If you’ve come to realize that you are stuck in the asylum, it’s time to get out – while you still can.

I really don’t know how much time that you have left.

We’ve Gone Insane – It’s Time to Escape the Asylum

I see crazy people.

Lots and lots of crazy people.

Since you are reading this, you are probably not one of them. However, you are probably stuck in the midst of a country full of crazy people, and I wish that it wasn’t so.

One of the things that I have learned about dealing with crazy people, is that you can’t change them. Only God can do that. And, when God says that He ISN’T going to cure the insanity… well …it’s time to look elsewhere for what God wants you to do.

Worse, when you spend too much time with crazy people, their insanity rubs off on you. So, I highly recommend that you escape the asylum, while the crazy people are still willing to let you out.

And, I recommend it for more than the safety. Living abroad can really help clear your head of cultural foolishness. Of course, you run the risk of picking up OTHER cultural foolishness, but at least you have a clearer view of what your own culture IS.

Well, when I limped back to the US after 14 years in Israel, I returned to a country that had left sanity behind. It was 2006, and the moral decline of America had gone into free-fall.

Then God brought a wonderful woman into my life, and I dragged this lovely woman back to Israel, and then on to Taiwan.

And, as I look back at the country of my birth, I find it hard to believe how insane we have become.

Are we so different from everyone else that you and I are the only ones to see it?

Of course…

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

John Heywood

America is blind by choice, which makes the US a dangerous place for those who choose to see.

Exit The Insane Collective

If we hand an ounce of sanity in our collective consciousness, we would have demanded that the US issue a complete, global quarantine of anyone and everyone leaving sub-Saharan Africa when Ebola reared its ugly head. If we had an ounce of sanity in our collective consciousness, we would have closed America’s southern border and let in only those that are truly compatible with the society that we want. But, we DON’T have an ounce of sanity in our collective consciousness, so it’s time to exit the collective.

Seriously. It’s exit time.

Within The US

Now, it’s possible to ‘exit the collective’ in the area where you are. I talked about this above, already. So you know that would mean getting to as remote a location as possible and building a community of people who aren’t insane.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much time left to build such communities of sanity, and there aren’t very many sane people left to build them with. But, if you are determined to stay in the US, I recommend getting started on your ‘community building’ project – NOW.

Good luck with that.

Leaving The US

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I struggle to believe that too many such communities will be successful. However, if the Lord directs you to do such a thing, you must follow what the Lord tells you.

For the rest of you…

…exiting the insane collective means leaving the US.

Some of you have already written me about your plans to do so, and those messages are wonderful to read. It really eases my mind to know that brothers and sisters in Christ have taken steps to get out of harm’s way – as well as serving the Lord as they do it.

But, Only If You Serve God

Please understand that I am NOT interested in helping you prolong a comfortable, self-absorbed life. Our job is to serve the Lord, and I want you to survive what is coming, so that you can do that.

If you aren’t interested in serving the Lord… please go back to your television, your career, your Facebook friends and your megachurch. I can’t help you, and I’m not interested in doing so.

Where To Go

The big question is:

Where do you go?

Escape the Asylum – To South America

I don’t like the idea that there are so few voices out there – that describe ways to escape what is coming, and serve the Lord while they are doing it. My own experience and understanding are just that – mine. What the Lord wants for you may be entirely different, and I do NOT want to get in the way of God’s direction in your life.

So, when Alexandra Devereaux reached out to me with her own experience in relocation, I jumped on the chance to provide you with another voice, of someone who was obedient to the calling of the Lord. The Lord may lead you in a different direction than Alexandra’s, but I hope that her story will motivate you to submit to God’s hand in your life.

Her article is titled:

Are you contemplating relocation?

Are you contemplating relocation?

Relocation can be a bit tricky if you do not do your homework thoroughly. It also requires knowing yourself, knowing what you can tolerate, and what you cannot. But, in these coming times, know that you are going to have to “Stretch” that tolerance and faith to a point of near breaking, as nothing will be as it ever has been before. However, the single most important aspect before considering relocation, is your communication with the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you have not given it any thought so far, or are struggling with the idea presently. Well, I assure you, turning this decision over to the Lord, as I did, is your best option, as He alone knows what path is best for you. After reading this article, you will realize it may not be easy, but if you are truly to be in some other place, the Lord will take you there. As proof of that statement, I offer to you, my personal story of a journey of “Obedience” to the Lord, after being told by the Holy Spirit to leave the U.S.

Following The Holy Spirit

Back in 2005, I vividly remember the message I received from the Holy Spirit. I was being told I was going to leave the U.S., a country where I was born and raised. That was an astounding and confusing message to say the least. But, because I had been a flight attendant for 20 years, travel was not such a foreign idea. But, living outside of the only home I had ever known, well, that was a horse of a different color! I pondered that idea for 3 days. I prayed, hoping I was going to be told it was just a mistake, but no such thing, I was going to have to go! Obedience,that is what the Lord wanted from me. I did not even know why I had to go at the time. I always wondered over the course of all these many years, why I had to go to so many countries to find the one He chose for me? But, I suppose I am answering that question right now, as I write this article for the benefit of all of you, to impart all that I learned. Oh Lord, how you paved my way!

I began to accept this cup, which I now knew was not going to pass from me, and decided I would not waste any more time before looking for that singular land He wanted for me. With that thought, I began my research, followed by actually travelling to all the countries I felt had potential. Each time I ventured out, I was certain that God was going to make this easy by pointing me in the right direction. After all, I was doing what He wanted of me, right? Alas, that was not to be the case.

In the beginning, I was not as savvy about what was the most important criteria, as you will note. As time went on, I became more cogent to the need for “Safety” as a primary aspect, as opposed to some of the superficial criteria I had initially sought. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is a complicated and emotionally draining process as you boil down the basic top needs you require before even contemplating a move out of the U.S. But safety cannot be compromised!

Once you realize that our dear country, the U.S., is the bulls-eye, you are caught between a rock and a hard place in your mind. You know you must leave, but your heart tugs at your memory bank, while the “Normalcy Bias” kicks in. No doubt about it, it is gut-wrenching! As the world digresses, you will see that choosing a “Safe Haven” country is like the 3 reasons you apply to buying real estate, “Location, location, location!” So keep this in the fore-front of your mind as we sojourn to my final destination, which might be yours too!

The Big Nudge

I happened to be watching CNBC one morning, when the regulars brought on some V.P. from a company called, “Jefferies International.” They were still yawning and drinking their coffee when this guy, Stephen (last name withheld) just shocks the heck out of everyone. He started talking about the “Amero” dollar! What… the what? Whoa Nellie!! The fuzzy slippers flew off, as I choked on my coffee!

At that time, this was not on any one’s radar, so Stephen became a very intriguing interview. To make a long story short, yep, I decided I was going to find that fellow and contact him. (What chutzpa I had!) After a short search on the net, I found his company, called, and presto, I am on a Tye-line to London. “What would I say? Oh, hello? Yes, you don’t know me but…” Well, that’s how it went. I was so original. He took my call to my amazement, and proceeded to spend some 25 minutes imparting a great deal of knowledge to me that would later prove to be invaluable. Little did I know at the time, that was the beginning of the Holy Spirit sending me down the Autobahn.

Choices Reduced

Because of this very conversation, the choices of relocation were whittled down considerably. Europe was out, Canada was out, Russia was out, Mexico and most of Central America were out, New Zealand and Australia were iffy, all islands were crossed off the list, leaving some of South America. And if you want to go to China, start learning Mandarin. Right, I have enough trouble with English.


So I headed for Panama City. It was Central America, but I was going to give it a shot, because at that time, Panama was the darling of some international relocation companies and financial groups specializing in off-shore investing. They had a machine going on down there. Construction was fast and furious. Trump was in Panama City, scores of high-rise condos were going up faster than one could imagine.

But Panama City holds 2/3’s of the total population of Panama’s 3 million people, so I felt that the city was not an appropriate place. I moved on to a very small town called Boquete. It is on the other side of the country, just 35 miles from the Costa Rican border. I had heard of a very unique community called Valle Escondido, built by Sam Taliaferro. (Sam has since gone to be with the Lord) He told me that he had been inspired by Doug Casey, of “Casey Research.” Doug had encouraged him to sell his semi-conductor company in Costa Rica and build a “Safe-Haven” community.

Sam built a beautiful little paradise, within a small valley surrounded by mountains. Very lovely homes were ensconced along the mountainsides, some on the valley floor. An array of well-designed condos and town homes were built by the entrance. This was all tied together with a 9-hole golf course, a little village of shops and restaurants, an equestrian center and a first-class clubhouse with an impressive indoor swimming pool. All were neatly kept, and very attractive. We sauntered into the town. Unfortunately it wasn’t much, especially for spoiled North Americans. But the true problem was that it rains so much in Panama, there are often flash floods, landslides, collapsing roads, loads of mold and well, you get the picture. But I have to say, the coffee gets a 5-star rating! Nonetheless, I knew this was not the place.


Where next?

After reading about Ecuador, and the fact that gasoline was a $1.00 a gallon, an important criteria that grabbed my attention, I booked a flight, packed a bag, and was on my way to Quito. Nice flight on LAN Airlines. As a former flight attendant, I couldn’t help but notice that this was a first-class operation. I was booked at the Swiss Hotel in downtown, where I was to attend a seminar on all things Ecuadorian.

Quito, the capital city of Ecuador and its surrounding neighborhoods, (ghettos) encompass a population of nearly 13 million. I knew if this country was going to hold any promise, I would have to find an area with less density.

After 3 days of real estate salesmen and propaganda, I ventured out to the North, to a town called Cotacachi. It was a small town consisting of a nice array of restaurants, shops, spectacular leather goods, which were so inexpensive. One could not also help but notice how lovely, and friendly the people were. The cobblestone streets were very sound, as most of Ecuador has a very well-built road system. I went to see some newer housing communities. The units themselves were adequate, but they were built around abandoned properties or shacks surrounding the properties. Then, I asked about the two mountains flanking the town. “Oh si,” said our guide, these are our 2 majestic volcanoes. Volcanoes? Oh no! So, exit, stage left.

I went South to Cuenca, a bustling town of 500,000 people. The food was great. The water is drinkable from the tap, and the weather was cool at night and sunny in the day. Nice, yet again, too much density. So, I meandered over to see the coast. When I arrived, I was expecting light sandy beaches, but found that the sand was blackish. That came from, yes, the volcano activity at one time! Hmmm.

Well, I proceeded to Bahia de Carraquez, a tiny peninsula on the Pacific Coast. It was a small fishing village with some okay condos, a miniature yacht club, (sort of) and the best cheap lunch I ever ate, half of a chicken, rice, beans and a drink for $1.50! Between the food and the gasoline prices, and their coffee, I awarded a few gold stars to Ecuador, but the rampant socialist political climate, the volcanoes, the broken economic and banking systems, and the fact that Ecuador was using the dollar like Panama, quickly led me to determine that this was also not the land God had intended for me. So, “No to Ecuador!”


Back home again, I was taking a respite, while I was forging ahead to look for another country. In the meantime, some friends of mine invited me to go back to their home in Colombia. They were unaware that I was on a quest to find a new home, so I just accepted and went.

We flew into Bogota, where I had been many years before, in my airline days. What a transformation! New roads, a great bus system, shopping malls, restaurants etc. Frankly, before, it looked like a literal pile of rubble. In Bogota, we stayed in a very interesting place called Colina Campestre. It is a highly secure, but fancy complex with restaurants, a hotel, bowling alley, disco, golf course, indoor swimming pool, skeet shooting area, horseback riding and so on, designed for the elite generals who came for the weekends with their respective families. My friends had connections you might say, and the cost, $33 a night!

It was centrally located and right off the main highway system, allowing us to travel to other cities and towns. The weather was rainy then sunny, chilly then mild. But, it was a large city, and I knew I would not be living in such a large metropolitan area, so we ventured out.

Suffice to say, Colombia is beautiful. But, of all the cities and towns I saw, there was only one town that had some real charm, and that was Chia. It is North of Bogota, a place where the old town still is revered, while a new modern area was added. That contrast gave me pause, antiquity and modernity in a nutshell, or the best of two worlds. The grocery store was very up-to-date, ensconced next to the new mall and a very attractive gated community called Santa Ana. (One month after my return, a bomb went off in the new Chia mall) Above the town, on the hillside was another gated community where the soap opera stars of Colombia had houses. The view from the top and the homes, were both spectacular. The air quality was far better than the pollution of Bogota proper.

I also had the chance to ride a beautiful white horse up the hills in La Colera just North of Chia, a truly spectacular mountainous area with vistas like picture postcards, but no matter how beautiful Colombia was, it was still infiltrated by the drug biz, violence, and the infamous F.A.R.C. “Gingo” kidnappings were an undeniable reality there. So “No” to Colombia!

Oh, I did forget to mention a rather interesting opportunity which presented itself on that trip. I had the pleasure of meeting with the President of Colombia on that trip. It was just some mischief of the friends who had invited me. Well, I did. Alvaro Uribe was a very polished and polite chap. We spoke for over 15 minutes while the newsreels were rolling. The President’s Press Secretary took my name for the record, and then proceeded to tell me that she would be sending me an invitation to tour the Presidential Palace on my next visit. Sorry to say, I did not return to Colombia because that night, I found myself on the 6:00 o’clock news. Too much exposure for an Americano in the land of disappearing “Gringos.” My friends spirited me out the next day. Adios Colombia!

Still Determined – But, A Bit Discouraged

Upon my return from this escapade, I became more determined to find my place. I just kept thinking I was wandering around, as if lost in the desert, like our biblical forefathers. I surely hoped it would take less time than what these ancestors had to endure! But, the Lord was putting me through my paces. I prayed and prayed in my desperation. And the Holy Spirit, was silent, as if I were deaf.


I then seized on the idea of Chile. Yeah that was it! The travel logs looked enticing. The country was quite unique with all the different choices of temperatures zones, desert, to penguins, a sprawling wine country, beautiful coastal towns, abundant food and the very sophisticated city of Santiago with the majestic Andes as a back-drop. And let us not forget Pablo Neruda, the famous poet!

So, before I go on and on, I am going to end this trip here, because I then discovered that Chile is sitting just off a tectonic plate. Remember I told you that safety was important? Whatever Chile has going for it, it is nonetheless on the “Nasca Plate.” What is that? It means, when the Lord gets ready to rattle and roll this planet in these Last Days, Chile is going to have some real problems. Scuba anyone? So, “No” to Chile!


Now, what is left? There is Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, since I eliminated Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Paraguay. The losers have so many strikes against them I just tossed them out the window. Peru is dangerously infested with the “Shining Path,” shamans and the occult. Now, Bolivia, “What’s in Bolivia except Lake Titicaca?” Next, is Venezuela. It is a socialist morass of chaos, like finding oneself going from the frying pan into the fire! And lastly, Paraguay, a country where dangerous “Shrubs” and a certain evil “Moon” have a potential to lurk. So, “No, no and no.”

And, now, my former feelings of “Desperation” feel good in comparison, to what I am experiencing presently, since years have passed from when I first commenced my search. I am beginning to wonder if God has forgotten my name. Regardless of prayers, beseeching the Lord for help and guidance, there is silence. I am not going to give up however,and am more determined than ever, as I rally again to try Argentina.

It is a land of the pampas, gauchos, superb beef, the tango, Buenos Aires the “Paris of South America,” and the uniquely beautiful area of Bariloche, which happens to be my favorite place in nearly all the world! Then, in the Northwest, is the small town of Cafayate. It is famous for the “Safe-Haven” community which Doug Casey finally built himself, Estancia de Cafayate, a beautiful equestrian community with an 18 hole golf course, exquisitely designed homes, set within their own vineyards, and organic gardens. The mountains flank each side with their rust-colored hue, enhanced by a very big blue sky.

I ask myself again, this country has to be it, right? Ah, sadly, no. Why? You guessed it, because it is in Argentina! Unfortunately, if it were not for those who have destroyed the government of a proud and industrious people, Argentina would currently be a burgeoning country since it is rich in resources and culture. But, as we know, they do not stand alone in these crimes. We as God’s people know the true causation of which I speak, and we know it is pervasive, and the very reason I am on this journey.

Not Giving Up

I realize, at this point, most folks would have just given it up, thinking they really did not hear the message. But I knew that was not true, and so, I was still compelled to continue my journey. If there is one thing that I am, it is determined, or maybe just plain stubborn like that of a Rottweiler. (Some have mistaken me for a Chihuahua. Big mistake!) Either way, my mind and heart were still focused on my promise to be obedient and find where God wanted me be.


So, again, I returned home to the U.S. feeling utterly defeated. What could be next? I am so tired, I am praying and I am confused! What are you trying to show me dear Lord? I am waiting for a download from you Holy Spirit! And again, nothing happened. So, when some folks I met along the way in all my travels called and said, they wanted to go to Antigua, Guatemala because there was a community being built there that we want to see, I packed and flew out to meet them for a look see.

I prayed the whole flight, “Let it be the place!” What a shock, we were aghast at Guatemala City. We did not know it, but a few days before our departure, the airport was closed because of a volcanic explosion and a sink-hole which swallow up 70 some homes, not to mention the poor little CNN reporter who went to the Lord, when a giant rock hit her in the head. Oh my, not another volcano country! It was literally a nightmare.

We quickly were spirited into Antigua by our driver. What a difference. Here, nestled in the mountains at 5,000 ft., sat this charming little town, a true dichotomy of what we saw in the city. Green mountains in all directions, cobblestone streets, like a patchwork quilt, loads of great restaurants, hotels, superb coffee, so-so grocery stores, but adequate, and some truly gorgeous housing. And the weather was literally perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and very little rain!

I rented a 5 bedroom house with a full upper deck, vaulted ceilings, massive rock fireplace, granite kitchen with all the North American accoutrement, several gardens, a gardener, a maid, all lavishly furnished and a garage, for $1,000 per month! The weather was glorious, the people were nice and the house was divine.

Was this the place? Not really… it was a tourist town, and that was getting old. Those green mountains, yep, they were volcanoes. But, the following was to be the additional nail in the coffin. We ventured to meet some U.S. ex-pats every Thursday morning for breakfast adjacent to the town square. After a month or so, we found out that some very nefarious activities were ongoing in the central park square, operated by the same ex-pats. The nature of which was so serious, it led to the Holy Spirit telling me to leave. (Oh, I was so glad to hear something. I wasn’t deaf or worse, forgotten!) But even more importantly, that same afternoon, I happened to come across a bit of information on the Internet by complete accident, that would come to change my life in ways I could never have imagined. And so, I left, never to return. Again, it was a resounding “No” to Guatemala from the Holy Spirit!

Feeling A Bit Defeated

Back again in the U.S., I realized that all my neighbors, friends, and family think I am ready for a mental ward. I keep leaving, only to come back like a boomerang. I suppose it seemed strange to everyone but me. All I knew was that I had two more countries to go, Brazil and Uruguay, but I just did not have the steam to continue at that moment. So here I was, back where I had started, because the Holy Spirit told me to go home! What had I done wrong? I am supposed to leave, but to where? And that 40 years in the desert thing was ringing in my head.

I knew one thing, the Lord would never abandon me, even though at this point I was spent, confused, and at the end of my rope. I kept saying to myself, He must have had a very special reason for all of this.


Then, something did happened, something amazing, and, it could never have happened if I had not gone back home as the Holy Spirit had directed me to do. Without reciting all the details which led to my being propelled out of Guatemala, that bit of information I found on the Internet that day, connected me to a special group of people that would be the catalyst which led me to my “Promised Land.”

Of course, during all this time, I was completely unaware of the multi-dimensional chess game being managed by God, on my behalf. Years passed, and one day, the subject of my leaving became front and center again. But this time, I pulled that lever, and it all lined up, like 3 cherries in a row! Now, I take a jaunt to Uruguay at the urging of a friend, “Go check it out for yourself,” and this was exactly what I did.

Flying In

As the plane neared the coastline, all I could see was the greenest grass. I said to myself, this country looks like a giant golf course! Now, as we taxi in towards the terminal, I took a double-take. This terminal looks like a giant flying saucer! Oh my, these folks have a sense of humor here! I had been up for 2 days with no sleep, so some of this personal amusement was lack of sleep.

The Warm Welcome

As I step off the plane, I am greeted by the most meticulously polite airport personnel, sporting friendly smiles while helping me with my carry-on luggage. I had forgotten what gracious travel had felt like! But in Uruguay, you are treated with respect. A young man came out of nowhere and collected my bags as I stood pointing at each bag rolling off the conveyor. Politely he whisked me through security and to the taxi stand. The taxi driver proceeded to take me to the hotel, and after arriving, he unloaded my luggage, carried it inside of the hotel for me, and kissed me on the cheek, saying, “Welcome to Uruguay!” Then, the people behind the front desk said, “You must be Alexandra! Welcome to Uruguay!” From this point forward, every day I was there, it was as if I was some celebrity.

Previously, I had met the brother of the man who oversees the Uruguayan Consulate in Miami some months before. Well, upon discovering that I am headed to Uruguay, he insisted on amending his visit with his brother, and flying back down to Uruguay so he could take me on a tour of the country. He came to get me at my hotel with his great smile and warm demeanor. I hardly know this guy, but now he is chauffeuring me to Punta del Este and La Barra, up the coast from Montevideo, the capital city. Once my eyes saw that area, I was in love with Uruguay. He took me to his home to meet his wife and children. I stayed in a dazzling boutique hotel just up the street from their lovely home, directly on the La Barra inlet. There was no charge, as this was his friend Nico who was the owner, a sweet and generous soul. How lovely it was, and how welcoming they were to a stranger. I was truly overwhelmed by their hospitality.

Diego began to escort me all over Punta del Este as well. It looked just like the U.S., a small town of some 30,000 people off-season, and rather elegant. From the yacht basin, to the many luxury hotels and condos lining the rolling sandy beaches, beautiful homes and neighborhoods, many restaurants, an American-style shopping mall, multiple upscale grocery stores to rival and surpass any we have in the U.S., car dealerships, hospitals, hardware and paint stores, an entire street called the “Design District,” and on and on. Instantly, one could see how livable a town it was. As you have already read, I traveled to a myriad of countries in South America, but this place, well it is a just unique, the “Crown Jewel” of South America. It not only looked like home, it felt like home!

Uruguay Was The Place!

And at that moment, I realized, my journey was over! I wept profusely, and thanked God for bringing me here. I had not done anything wrong, I was not deaf, He had not forgotten my name, He had just saved the best place for me! My obedience delivered me to my “Promised Land.”

Lunch With Four Little Boys

After being treated like a V.I.P., I return to Montevideo to spend my last weekend in the big city. I bid Diego good-bye and knew I had made a good friend, and acquired a family in Uruguay. The next day I went to the shopping mall, where a young boy about 14 came up to me. He said, I heard you speaking English. Are you an American? All I had to do is say “Yes,” and three more little friends gathered around me. They asked me if I could tell them about the U.S. Constitution, and more importantly, if the United States was founded for God? Well, I was more than surprised.

With that I took them for lunch and ice cream, while answering their many intelligent questions. They all walked me back to my hotel, carefully escorting me across every street, and then each of them said good-bye, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, as they left. How utterly adorable! I thought I was in a movie, as none of this whole trip seemed real, but there was more to come!

The Result Of Lunch With Four Little Boys

Two days later, on Saturday, the phone in my room rang. It was Mauro, the little boy from the mall. He told me that his parents are so grateful that I had taken his friends and him for lunch, they wanted to invite me to their family luncheon tomorrow.

Now, I know I am in a movie! Naturally, I accept, since I don’t want to miss the show!

At 1:00 p.m. sharp, Sunday afternoon, Mauro and his lovely mother Marianna arrive to pick me up at the hotel. Off we go to this chic little restaurant, La Perdiz, where Alfredo, the husband, and Chiara, the daughter, are waiting under a colorful umbrella in this outdoor café. To make a long story short, the luncheon was tremendous, the conversation friendly and genuine, encouraged by a bit of fabulous Uruguayan wine. A good time was had by all.

Thinking lunch was over, I began to thank them for their hospitality, when Alfredo asked if I would like to see their weekend home. So, poodle and all, we trek 30 minutes outside the city to “Marina Santa Lucia,” a very extraordinary, upscale community of homes on a canal off the Santa Lucia River.

Oh my, it was simply gorgeous! As I am escorted by Mauro through the house and then into the back yard, I see this large and extravagant yacht. I said, what a stunning yacht! Alfredo said, do you like boats? (Ah, this was no boat!) I answer in the affirmative. He says, would like to take a ride?

No doubt now, I am in a movie, and it is a great one, because minutes later, I am flying down the Santa Lucia River in their fabulous yacht, with 4 people I have never met before being in Uruguay, and it is as though we are family!

Now, to make my point, this just happens to be the last day I am in Uruguay, as my flight departed at 11:00 p.m. Who could have imagined that anything else unusual could happen? Well… we get back in the car and proceed to my hotel. We kiss and hug and say good-bye, oh my heart did thump. That little Mauro was a heart-breaker!

Returning To The US

I am now at the airport, approaching my gate. I have a few minutes to catch my breath, when I hear, “Alexandra.” Who do I turn to find but Diego’s brother from the Uruguayan Consulate waving to me as he walks over to, yep, you guessed it, kiss me on the cheek. I think it is time to disclose something about Uruguayan culture. They do not shake hands, they kiss you on the cheek instead, in case you were thinking something else. What a country!! At that point, he says, I changed my flight so you would have some company!

Yeah, yeah, it’s a movie alright! Real life doesn’t happen this way. So I am going to wait for the sequel, since the first movie was so darn good.

Moving To Uruguay

Now this time, I return home and with confidence. I started packing up my household. The neighbors are now more than curious. My family is questioning me and my friends know for sure that I am no longer a sane person.

Within months, the sequel unfolded, as I was living on that beautiful inlet in La Barra thanks, in large part, to Diego, my first and best friend in Uruguay. Yes, it really does look like a movie set. Wait until you see it!

The Thanksgiving Party

Shortly thereafter, I had made many friends, so I decided to give a Thanksgiving Party. Little did I know it was to be the most famous party La Barra would ever see. Thirty eight people showed up, including Alfredo, Marianna, Mauro and Chiara, and their yacht captain. They had driven all the way from Montevideo to be there! People I barely knew came, especially this darling little man who came up to me after dinner and said, “I would like to sing for your guest.” I thought…well…. you know what I thought. I said “How nice of you,” in the most polite manner I could muster. I said a silent prayer with this frozen smile on my face and hoped for the best.

Well, all the large glass doors of this very large apartment were open that were facing the inlet and the town. This is an important point, as this man steps up, and starts to sing, and sing he did! And with those doors open, the entire town could hear the magnificent voice of Eduardo Koumanjian, one of Uruguay’s finest opera stars. Within minutes, Alfredo realizes who he was, as well as Professor Pablo Maggone another of my guests. They are cheering wildly. Eight operas later, Eduardo wraps it up with “Granada.” The entire township and everyone who was in attendance, is still talking about it!

Yeah, I know, it’s the best sequel on the planet. But then again, just imagine who was the producer and director?

Our Hope Is In The Lord

Life is a journey, where we can choose to obey God, placing our lives in His hands, or struggle in disobedience. But curiously, sometimes, the struggle is the journey God had intended for us. We just have to find the wisdom to know the difference. And our faith, with our hope in Him, will always deliver us to the right destination in all things. God knows what is best for us, and His timing is always correct. We must also learn to forge an understanding of His “Appointed Time,” then trust with all of our hearts that He will deliver all that He has promised through faith, hope and most importantly, “Obedience.”

Matthew 21:2 – And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

Psalms 31:24 – Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.

Isaiah 1:19 – If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.

Some facts on Uruguay

Uruguay Information – Live in Uruguay – Uruguay Travel – JoinUruguay.com

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/Br4vTypFlcg

Someone recently emailed me, asking, uh, yeah, where is that? Is that near Indonesia? Oh boy, I know it is a small country, but let us review our geography. It is located just under the big bulge of Brazil, on the Atlantic Coast of South America, and to the South and West lies Argentina. Uruguay is blessed with rambling hills, 180 kilometers of sandy beaches, the largest water reserves in all of South America, 12 million head of cattle, 10 million head of sheep, oranges and rice in the North, olives, blueberries and grapes nearly everywhere else. Suffice to say, this country has some of the finest farmland in the world. This is true abundance, as there are only 3 million people in the country!

Uruguayans – A Special People

When you arrive here you will instantly know, these people are very, very special! As an example of their caring hearts, I will tell you what happened when I became rather ill with pneumonia this winter. Well, the entire staff of the condo where I live, the developer’s secretaries, friends I knew, and folks I barely knew, were all hovering over me with soups and treats and caring wishes. They proclaimed, “You are not alone, Alexandra!” One gal sent her father to see me, who was a doctor. He showed up, and we were both so surprised. He was a man I knew. He was also the President of what we would call the Chamber of Commerce here in our town. We had met at a big meeting some months before. I tried to pay him, but he softly, but firmly, refused to take any money!

Their concerns were beyond what your own family would be, if they knew you were ill. Next the condo staff went to the grocery store, pharmacy etc. Then, my great friends Natalia and Ernesto came to give me their medicines of choice, honey from their chacra (ranch), bee propolis, hot teas, home-made chicken soup and you guessed it, mas besos, right on the cheek! After recovering, my dear friend Diego took me shopping and carried all the groceries up to my 18th floor apartment. (Yes, I know, it has to be a movie!)

Low Crime – Great Infrastructure

The energy for the high-speed Internet system is provided by hydro-electric power. The road systems are excellent. There is virtually no violent crime either. That is not to say that there are no purse snatchers or pick-pockets, but all in all you never hear of any crime. It exists, but it is a scintilla of what we have in the U.S., a high crime, high murder rate country. Not here!

Great Healthcare

I recently completed my exams to obtain my health care at the local hospital. I was told because I was older than the limit allowed to get approved. But, just like everything else, I was connected to someone who got me into the best program. This program includes cancer treatments, transplants, replacements, tests and all the other obvious procedures. It is going to cost a whopping, $82.00 per month! That ought to get your attention! And yes, the doctors are highly qualified and are very caring. How would you like to pay an additional $35.00 a month, so if you do get sick, the doctor just comes to your house! Rather unbelievable, I know!

NOT A Police State

A bit weary of traffic tickets? Hey, there are no militarized police here. In fact, you see some little police cars, but they are peace officers. They do not stop you or give you a ticket. Revenue generating is not a part of their duties. However, if you cause an accident, or get caught robbing someone, they are tough. But for the average person just driving around town, they are next to invisible. You are shaking your head in disbelief….


I have been also been asked about the price of food. It depends on the item. Anything imported is a bit more expensive. But basics are the same as in the U.S. and in some cases lower. Food quality is very high and there is much variety. Just sometimes, in the meat department, you are not really sure what part of the cow is in that package, however, all the chicken is recognizable!

The not so good news is that the average coffee is truly horrible. And I know some people who cannot live without their coffee!! Well, sorry to say, if you move to Uruguay, you will have to part with a few bucks to get the good stuff, or find a source to fly in a supply!( Coffee donations gladly accepted! )


As for housing, if you are diligent, you will find reasonably priced luxury apartments and homes. The key is to rent annually. This small town, of Punta del Este has a population of about 30,000 people for 9 ½ months out of the year. Because this it is a place where wealthy Argentinians and Brazilians come to “Summer,” as they say, from December 15th to April 15,th it can swell to 150,000- 200,000 people.

It is the only place I have found in South America where you think you are in the U.S. That is why I call it the “Crown Jewel.” Single family homes are a bit harder to find at moderate prices, but the prices of luxury apartments are softening due to the recent bankruptcy of Argentina. Most all have great facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, tennis court, health clubs, yards and swing sets for children, as well as party rooms equipped with their own built-in BBQ. This is very Uruguayan. Every Sunday, all the families have dinner together as dad grills the meat.

Montevideo, the capitol, is a city of over 1 million people. For our purposes, avoiding heavily populated areas will be preferable in the future. Nevertheless, it is fun to visit, where a plethora of goods and services are to be had.

Punta del Este

But, my recommendation is Punta del Este. If you decide to relocate. It is a good place to reorient and start to acclimate to the paradigm shift, feeling more like an American way of life. Nonetheless, the real name of the game will be to achieve a self-sustaining lifestyle in the future, that being phase two. That is when you do your due diligence and buy some real estate. From what the Holy Spirit has told me, moving from the city to a farm, should be my ultimate goal.

And for those who do come, perhaps God will bless us with like-minded companionship. We may find some nice neighbors in the farms adjacent, who just happened to have also heard the Holy Spirit beckoning them to this beautiful and safe land.

A Good Place For Americans

And, as I said before, safety being a major criteria, Uruguay is a good choice. There is no oil here, nor are their large caches of precious metals for others to covet. There are no alphabet agencies, no natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, title waves, earthquakes, tectonic plates, etc. For now, Uruguay is off the radar, making this one of the more peaceful countries in the world. But mainly, we should always remember that our safest refuge is the Lord!

Presently, Uruguay is still a place where Americans can open bank accounts, be granted residency and then, ultimately, obtain citizenship without much hoopla. These prospects are drying up in many other parts of the world. Therefore, this is something important to consider.

Some Things Are Expensive

Now, for the not so inexpensive side of Uruguay. Cars are expensive, about 35% more expensive. Gasoline may be $7.00 a gallon, but this is a small country where things are conveniently located, and you do not have to drive long distances on a regular basis to conduct basic everyday business.

This is some basic knowledge of the good, the bad, and not too much ugly, regarding Uruguay. As you have read, I have been to many countries or have researched the rest in detail giving you some contrast. Therefore, I hope you will find the story of my journey that God intended for me, to be of help to all of you.

Lastly, I wish to thank John Little. He is a watchman who exemplifies great love for his fellow man, as all watchmen do, by the very nature of their ever-vigilant commitment to warn their brothers and sisters. As a former magazine publisher myself, I know the amount of work and diligence it takes to produce this blog as well as all his other endeavors. Thank you John for all you do, and may God continue to bless you and your work!

Your sister in Christ,

Alexandra Devereaux

© Copyright Alexandra Devereaux, 2014


My Thoughts On What Alexandra Wrote

What a great article. What a great story of following the Lord’s direction, even when it sometimes doesn’t make sense. You cannot lose, if you place your future in the hands of God.

When all is said and done, each of you will have a different story to tell of where and how God led you in the days that come. The choices that you make will be different than Alexandra’s, because God has a different place and role for each of us.

If You Have A Story To Tell

By the way, if you have also followed the Lord’s hand in your life and chosen to relocate – whether within the US or outside the US – share your experience with us.

Better yet, write an article. Alexandra is obviously a great writer, which meant that I didn’t need to do any editing (except headings and three typos). But, I am more than willing to help you edit and polish what you write. I really want OmegaShock readers to hear as many voices as possible, to help encourage them to take the direction that God is calling them.

Be Encouraged

Whatever your situation, please be encouraged by Alexandra’s story and redouble your efforts to seek the Lord and follow His will. God may tell you to stay where you are, or He may lead you to some other spot on the planet.

The main point is to seek the Lord and submit to His will.

May the Lord guide us all, in the dark days ahead.

Escape the Asylum – Within America

Sarah and Gary have stepped forward with their stories of relocating within the US. Sarah and her husband moved to south Tennessee. And Gary and his wife relocated farther away from Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah and Gary have two very different approaches, yet both are very, very relevant. And, both speak to the same kinds of challenges that you will face, as you seek the Lord for where and how you will prepare for the dark days ahead.

One thread that runs through all the stories that I know about relocation, is the struggle involved. None of the stories that I know – including my own – are ever free of struggle and challenge.

You WILL face challenges when you seek to follow the Lord. You WILL be opposed – but, not by God. Both Sarah and Gary were forced to wait patiently and humbly on the Lord, until God showed them where (and what) they should be.

note – Names have been changed either by myself, or the authors. These are dark days, and security is important. I will leave it to Alexandra, Sarah or Gary to reveal their true identity, should any of you find yourselves in direct communication with them. – JL

(But yes, John Little is my real name.)

Sarah – Our In-States Relocation


As inspired by Alexandra’s relocation story outside of the US and requested by OmegaShock for testimony of our in-State move, following is our story. My husband and I had been looking to leave FL for many years, or at least the HOA house we had in Central FL. We actually were prevented in buying an overpriced house prior to the 2008 economic fall that would have moved us closer to his Cape Canaveral job but would have devastated our finances. We kept searching in various places in the US to include physical searches in AL, IL and online searches in the SW and other States. A set of circumstances placed our focus in TN and the wheels were set in motion. The specific property was identified by the Lord Himself as it was the only one that met three criteria we had discussed in private: deer, turkey and water (ours had a wet-water pond not the preferred flowing stream).

Once our house sold and my husband resigned his position in FL, “all hell broke loose.” Rather than glory in the attack, just know it impacted body, soul and spirit as well as finances. We finally stopped listing all the things that kept going wrong and pressed in to complete the build and take possession of the land. We came against demonic resistance specifically on this property but also in the surrounding area. As my call is to work to cleanse the Bride, I waited patiently for one year prior to being invited to teach the women at our fellowship what the Lord had put on my heart to share with them. I allowed for the direction of the HS to use His vessel to select the topic, so I was delighted when she requested I teach on Deliverance. At the appointed intervals I was requested to teach and managed to deliver Prophetic Intercession and Prophetic Prayer Ministry (2012 & 2013). This was taught only to the women, as that was the audience I was given.

The following story was sent to my family and prayer partners who have watched this journey we have been on. We felt that there had been tremendous resistance to this move and our settling here, but we just could not understand why. I believe this is the reason we were sent here, and why the resistance was so hard.


Journey from September 25th 2010 through today, September 19th 2014 (almost 4 Gregorian years)

Many of you know the journey my husband and I have been on for the past 4 years. This week has been very revelatory. I have been home for two months now, resting and working part time, but not commuting into Huntsville. As a point of recollection, I wanted to briefly remind those who remember and tie what happened today to the vision and Word the Lord gave me November of 2010.

Driving to work on a Friday that month, I saw an old edifice like the tower of Babel. A vision is difficult to explain as you are fully present (driving) yet seeing a picture. I asked the Lord, “What is it?” I heard in my chest “the stronghold over the area.” “What is it LORD?” He said only two words: “seared consciences.” It was a very old stronghold as the mortar was black. The blocks were massive, wider than my arms spread. It was broken and decayed signifying many generations.

The next day we drove to Pulaski. On the way there the HS revealed God’s heart to me, and I started travailing in deep intercession. All I could feel was His heart/grief for His children. I cried out “My children, My children, I call to you and you will not listen. You will not return to Me. Your hearts are hard as stone.” I was undone. When we parked at our destination, I stayed in the truck. I had two cars attempt to park next to me but could not. I looked at the parking lot and saw a stone shaped in color and size of a human heart that was preventing cars from parking next to us. The underside was flat and as cars slowed the tires hit it just right as to stop them. No forward motion, “our hearts are hard as stone.” I picked up that stone and as directed by my husband placed it under the prayer bench at the high part of our property. Later my husband added a 16ft cross there as well. And there it all sat, mostly untouched UNTIL TODAY!

As I have incorporated walking this month as part of my recuperation, I was on property walking early this week and I felt the HS tug me to stop, so I did. I waited and then asked out loud, “Lord what do You have me to see?” I looked up and down the trail up to the trees and then down to the ground. On the ground I saw something that did not fit.   Exposed was about 3 inches of something that seemed foreign there. So I bent down and pulled it out of the dirt/mud. It was a hammer, with the down side very rusted and rough on the metal.   I thought this can’t be my husband’s, it seems too old, rusted for the past 3 years. We don’t know how it would have gotten there and covered up and uncovered slightly by the water washing over it. It was right in the downward spill path of where he put one of the underground drainage for the water coming off the gutters. So this area is about 50 yards away (where the pipes stop and it starts the downhill run in the woods) and was on the lower original path area prior to dumping onto a wet water pond that is about 30 yards away. So in essence, this path is about halfway between the house which is located in the middle of acreage and the main road which is past the wet-water pond. It must have been buried for quite some time as it has taken this many rains to wash away the dirt.   The path is an original path from when we bought the property. The hammer was placed on the back porch for two days.   It is now on our mantel as of Friday.

I believe the hammer represents breaking of strongholds. As I typed this sentence yesterday (I was writing this to someone), I was led to look up hammer references in the Bible. Here are two I like and that are relevant:

Jeremiah 51:20

“You are My war-club, My weapon of war; And with you I shatter nations, And with you I destroy kingdoms.

Jeremiah 23:29

“Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?

(This story of the hammer was typed and sent to my prayer partner in FL yesterday. I knew more revelation was coming. She responded that her pastor has said revival is coming.)

On Thursday, yesterday, I walked the path again twice. The first time, I found 3 ripe persimmons at the same area where the hammer was found.   I ate them and continued on. At the second walk in the afternoon there were 3 more. I scooped those up and gave to my husband when I returned home. I don’t know what that means. The only connections I could find is that there was an old recipe using an extinct persimmon fruit to make the oil used to anoint the Kings in Israel.   I know that our prayers are a sweet fragrance to the Lord. Perhaps there is a connection there?

This morning (Friday), as instructed by my brother, I covered my head (I wore a cap) and began to prophesy over the property.   I generally pray as I walk, but I generally do not prophesy. I took the two verses above with me and the hammer (as instructed by the HS). Now things get more interesting!

As I came to the cross up where the stone heart is, I went to the cross and prayed. I knew something was supposed to happen there, but was not quite sure. So I started walking away and was about 10 yards away when Jeremiah 23:29 came to remembrance. Yes, I took that hammer and broke that heart stone as I prophesied the Scripture over it. The first third broke and then it broke in half again….so 3 pieces. I gathered the rocks and placed them back under the prayer bench. I continued my walk and prophesying. I stopped by to see if there were more persimmons, there were none. I continued on and back. This walk is 1 mile when complete. When I was back at the top cross where the broken heart stone is, then the torrent of words came. I began to prophesy to that broken heart. I wish I had taken my recorder. I believe that the Word, which is a consuming fire, has hammered, broken the hard hearts of this area and around the world. I agree with the FL Pastor, revival has indeed started.

I can say that when I was where the hammer was found on the lower part of the property, I was led to break witchcraft, darkness and evil in the area. When I was up at the high cross, I spoke to the heart that is now able to hear the Word.   I spoke to disease and sickness, brokenness and so many wonderful things as I prophesied as the Spirit led. Salvation is coming to so many whose hearts could not allow the Word to seep in!

I do not know the significance of THAT hammer.   I do know that those who knew us back then knew of the resistance from hell that we had the moment the house in FL sold and we moved here. The property is almost 18 acres; the property had to be cleared and the house had to be sitting in just the right place for the water drainage to wear down the soil where the hammer could be exposed. My finding and having the heart shaped stone ready for when the Lord would have me do something with it were all set in motion years ago. I am just a witness reporting that something happened this morning. Something that all hell resisted and that heaven ordained. May you be blessed by reading these words. Mission completed.


Our journey has been a difficult one. Even during the build I sensed that we were building this “for those who come after us.” I still don’t know if that means we will be leaving soon or if we will be a Goshen, a place of refuge, His hiding place for many others He sends here.

I have been in a place of prayer and fasting since this occurred. Some journeys are wonderful and smooth, while others are rocky and tough; but each one is chosen by the Father for His purpose. We would have preferred wonderful and smooth. Every day we are in training to seek His face, hear His voice, and follow His direction. I encourage those who question if you heard Him when the road goes into a free fall cliff.   Yes you heard Him, and even if you made a mistake He will catch you and deliver you to the Solid Rock and into that Strong Tower and you WILL be saved! Our journey continues as does yours….

Gary Brewer – Homestead Learning Curve

Gary wrote to me and said:

My own personal journey on this subject was captured in an interview with Mark from “Prepper Recon”. Certainly not as exciting and provocative as Alexandra’s, but this is where my wife and I felt led to go. Moving from the suburbs of Atlanta, GA to a rural area of the North GA mountains.

Having lived what many would call an ‘exciting life’, I can tell you that an exciting life is VASTLY overrated.

Seriously, folks, boring beats exciting, hands down!

Now, Gary was interviewed on Prepper Recon, and he sent me a link to his April 27th interview. Have a listen to what Gary said, here:

Homestead Learning Curve

YouTube shortlink: http://youtu.be/jMiczfe5Z10

As a footnote, Gary wrote:

I’ll add one thing. We found a fantastic church at our new location with a very spirit led congregation and an anointed pastor who recently taught a very powerful message on prophecy.

Four Different Voices On The Same Idea

Hopefully, you will notice that Alexandra, Gary, Sarah and myself have been led in completely different ways – as we followed the Lord’s direction. God has a plan for each of us, which means that we will not wind up in the same place. We won’t follow the exact same path.

We’ll be directed in different ways with different words as we seek to serve the Lord. Some of us will be led into the heart of darkness, to the shine the light of truth. Some of us will act as a haven to those of us who can’t prepare. And, some of us are where we should be, right now.

Hopefully, none of us will forget that we do not need to do more than our best, because the outcome is in good hands.

Rest in the Lord and follow His direction. You cannot lose, if the Lord is your Guide. And, the corollary is…

Without God, there can be no hope.

Escape the Asylum – Taiwan and Israel

By now, most of you have probably figured out that where you live is not safe. And, you face the challenge of what to do about that. As I have said repeatedly…

…if you can’t trust your neighbors, it’s time to get new ones.

And, getting new neighbors means moving to a place where you CAN trust your neighbors, or where situation isn’t so dire – or both.

I recommend the ‘both’ part, but that means leaving the United States – a very daunting prospect for anyone with an ounce of sanity. But, I am an example of someone who has done that, and – by the grace of God – lived to tell the tale.

So, let me take this time to tell my own story of relocation.

Knowing a writer – or worse, being married to one – is a dangerous thing. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a story that lots of people are reading. But, I try to be careful about such things, so I routinely change some of the names and situations to protect the mostly-innocent.

I will also be telling my story a little bit backwards. I believe that the story of Israel is the most important one, but it is also complicated. Taiwan is less so, in many respects, and will be an easier choice for many of you. But, try to understand that none of your options are without pitfalls.


If you’ve spent any time reading my articles, you know that I live in Taiwan – more specifically, Taipei. This means that I am almost exactly on the other side of the planet from most of you. In fact, I always know what time it is in Eastern Standard Time (EST) because we are EXACTLY twelve hours ahead of EST.

Although, that changes when the US goes off of Daylight Savings Time. One of the many reasons why I like Taiwan, is that they have refused to play such games with the clock. They think that we are crazy to switch back and forth, and I agree.

Of course, the Taiwanese have their own version of insanity, so let’s get to that.

How I Got Here

When the Lord dragged me out of Israel in 2006, I had no idea why. But, looking back on that, I can see that He had His reasons, and I will always remember that as a lesson in trusting the Lord.


Because the Lord wanted me to meet one of His daughters, and He needed to get me pointed in the right direction. I wound up married to this wonderful woman, before dragging her off to Israel.

(The poor woman didn’t know what she was getting into,
and is still aghast at what her gorilla-of-a-husband has dumped her in.


On the way back to Israel in 2010, I thought that I would visit my mother-in-law, who lives just south of Tokyo – in Yokohama. We spent a week running around Tokyo and a few outlying areas, and… well …I really don’t like the place.

That’s a very subjective statement, and I’m sure that many of you will disagree. But, there is a coldness to Japanese society that left me unsettled. I certainly did not feel any stirring in my spirit for that country.

However, I know of many who have, and friend of mine spent several decades there pastoring a church, sharing the gospel and speaking Japanese. And, this is one of many reasons why you should let the Lord guide you, and not the subjective views of others.

The Holy Spirit may lead you to places that I – and many others – would tell you never to go. And, I am okay with that – as long as you really are hearing from the Lord in this. But, let’s get back to my story.

After a week in Japan, we went to Taipei, and then to my wife’s hometown in the southernmost part of Taiwan – where she grew up. And, they are truly two different worlds.


Taipei is a big city, with 2.7 million people within the city limits, and more than eight million in the surrounding area that they call New Taipei. It has an excellent transportation system, lots of work opportunities and crazy drivers.

I don’t drive here in Taipei, partly because I want to avoid the costs involved, but also because I don’t like having to share the road with people who drive like maniacs. Driving really is the most dangerous thing that you can do – anywhere – and this is especially true in Taipei.

You will also find more in the way of American culture and American food. There are moments in time when I have been willing to kill for a good hamburger, and was able to get one without resorting to homicide.

You will also find more expat Americans to spend time with, and you will be able to get by more easily if you only speak English. In fact, for many of you, Taipei will be a much more comfortable place, than the rest of Taiwan.

Outside Taipei

But, for those who wish to serve the Lord, the rest of Taiwan is probably where you will wind up.

Here in Taipei, between eight and ten percent of the population is Christian. When you get away from the big city, that percentage falls to around two percent. And, those two percent live in the midst of incredible darkness.

In fact, for a number of reasons, I would be there now, were it not for the Bible classes that my wife and I have been asked to teach. There really is much to be done, in terms of the Gospel, for those of you willing to go out on a limb – and learn Chinese.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the drawbacks to living outside Taipei – having to learn Chinese. It is a tough language, and I am too much of a coward to learn it. Learning Hebrew was painful enough. Learning Chinese is truly daunting to this forty-something writer.

But, at the same time, you will find a far more honest and traditional society outside of Taipei. The Taiwanese are a truly lovely people, and those out in the countryside are the loveliest of all. And, I had more than one person beg me to relocate outside of Taipei, to teach English.

Teach English

This is where you will find a ripe opportunity for staying and working in Taiwan – English. In fact, it is very difficult to stay here legally, if you don’t teach English. Luckily, I have avoided the struggle of legal residence here, because I am married to a citizen. But, those of you who aren’t, will need to work on establishing yourself here, legally.

And, most of the time, that will mean teaching English.


Because Taiwan knows that English is THE lingua franca of the world. And, the Taiwanese government has made it much easier to obtain legal status here, for those who are teaching English. In fact, there is a real hunger for learning English. Quite a few of my students have shown up in my Bible classes, because they know that they’ll be getting an English lesson.

A College Degree

The downside is that the Taiwanese government has a thing about college degrees. If you don’t have one, they will be reluctant to give you permission to stay in Taiwan for any length of time. So, if you don’t have a college degree, you will have a bigger struggle.

But, do not let that keep you from following the Lord’s will, if He is calling you to Taiwan. I have eight years of University, and it was a colossal waste of time, effort and money. I congratulate you, if you were able to avoid such foolishness, but that will make for a tougher battle here.

A Criminal Record

Another obstacle that you will have is the criminal records check. I have a good friend living here, who was saved in prison and almost wasn’t able to stay here – because he couldn’t pass the criminal records check. And yes, they are very serious about that.

Even if your spouse is Taiwanese, you will NOT get permission to stay, if your background check comes up with any felonies. There may be exceptions to this rule, but I don’t know what they are. So, please keep this in mind if you want to stay here.

Now, for some really good news.

It’s Cheap To Live In Taiwan

It’s REALLY cheap to live here. In fact, the only reason why I can write these articles every day is because my savings goes much, much further here than either the US, or Israel – particularly, Israel.

For most of you, the cost of living here is at least half – if not a third – of what it would be in the US. Housing, food and healthcare are a fraction of the cost of that in the United States. Of course, that assumes that you are willing to live like the regular Taiwanese live. But, since Taiwan is a modern country, living like a Taiwanese won’t be THAT hard.

Take, for example, the many university graduates who come here, fresh out of college, to teach English. They routinely return to the United States, having paid off their student loans. By US standards, their salaries might have been low, but their cost of living was much, much lower.

However, I wish that these college kids would stay away, because they’ve been corrupting the Taiwanese girls. There are many times when I wish that I had a baseball bat and permission from God to bash heads. American morals have been a plague, here in Taiwan. But, I digress…


I’m going to stop my story of Taiwan here, with some resources that might help you, should you wish to pursue life here:


Forumosa is a play on Taiwan’s original name, Formosa. It is one of the most popular forums for expats wanting to share information, or just talk to each other. You will also find many of the reasons why I want to bash heads. But, you will also find loads of valuable information.

You will even find some of my posts on that forum, from the days when I was oblivious to our current trouble.



This is a MUCH more family-friendly site run by a really good guy. The English-speakers on this forum are much more polite, with better morals. Of course, this means fewer expats are sharing information there.


The above two sites will pretty much open Taiwan for you. And, if there’s something that you’re looking for, and can’t find it on those sites, you’ll be able to ask someone. Just remember that you must do your homework first. No one likes having to answer questions that you could have answered for yourself, with an easy search.


So, let me bring you back to my story. After a week in Japan, I went to spend three weeks with my wife’s family in Taiwan. I got the worst food-poisoning in my life. I got to meet the aunt with a mean right-hook, the crazy uncle who is a surgeon, and the rest of her fascinating family.

And, those three weeks were just enough time to start something that God would pull me into – nine months later, when we were called back to Taiwan. But, that means turning our attention to Israel.

Why Israel

My love for Israel is a strange thing, and it comes from two very different places. I was saved at a very young age, and quickly saw how important Israel was to God. And, as my fascination with reading and all things military grew, I stumbled across the story of this plucky little country that had defied the odds, to survive and prosper.

WHAT an amazing story. And, that story continues to captivate my attention. In fact, I have to be careful here about going off on a tangent, and forgetting the point of what I’m trying to write. Suffice it to say that there is endless fascination awaiting anyone who is interested in good stories – and bad ones.

Is Israel Right For You?

The bigger question is whether Israel is the place for you.

God has given me a profound love for that country and their people, but even I am not sure when – or even if – the Lord will send me back. I want to be there because my heart is there, and because I see the hand of the Lord at work there. But, I also know that I must wait on God’s timing for such things.

I also know the difficulties that I would face, in choosing to live there. It really is an amazingly expensive place to live. In fact, almost EVERYTHING there is incredibly expensive – on top of the punishing tax burden that Israelis are forced to pay.

It is a country that has been ravaged by war and terrorism, and that has made Israelis obsessive over security. No one in Israel is untouched by the incredible tragedy that has been forced upon them.

They Are Unsaved

The worst of it, of course, is that they are unsaved – which means that they are enemies of Christ. We were all such, before we were saved. So, it’s normal to see this enmity among the Israelis. To expect otherwise is to demonstrate an amazing ignorance of what salvation means.

Please get this into your head.

You were a Satanist before you were saved.

Did you get that?

That’s right, you were in league with the Devil before you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. To expect Israelis to be any different is to be a fool. That’s so important that I will put it another way:

If you expect Israelis to love Christianity, you are a fool.

Did you get THAT?

You are a fool, if you expect Israelis to love the fact that you are a Christian. And, it drives me crazy to see so many fools who call themselves Christian. And yes, I really mean that you are a fool, if you think that unsaved Israelis should be somehow different than we were before WE were saved.

So, those of you who wish to take me to task for my love of Israel… well …be ready to be called a fool.

You know who you are.

(okay, I’ll calm down.)

Now, where was I…

…ah yes.

They Will Not Make It Easy For You

The point is that living in Israel is both expensive and a real struggle. Getting any kind of permission to stay in Israel legally is almost impossible. The emotional stress of living there will take a toll on you and your family. And, you will face hostility from those Israelis who fear that you are there to take their souls.

Please understand that religious Jews believe that converting to Christianity is worse than death – that it will send them to Hell. And, they believe that the Christians who come to live in Israel are there precisely to capture the souls of their children and take them away.

And, I completely understand their fear.

How would you feel if a Muslim family moved in next door, and one of them started sharing the wonderfulness of Islam with your children?

Right. You’d want to start bashing heads.

Okay, so now you know how religious Israelis feel.

But, They Won’t Treat You Badly

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be treated badly. I wasn’t, and it’s a tribute to how honorable the Israelis are, that they were willing to treat me with friendship – even though I represented what many of them feared. In fact, you will meet very, very much that is good among the Israelis – if you are willing to see it.

Although, you will also meet the bad. Most of the stories that vilify Israel are completely untrue, but not all of them. There are bad Israelis out there, just as with any country or people. But, it will be God who deals with that.

The Most Dreadful Verse In The Bible

This is where the biggest problem of all comes in.

If there is one verse in the Bible that I dread, it’s this one:

And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

Zechariah 13:8

The context of chapter 12 and chapter 13 of Zechariah is the salvation of Israel. But, the above verse also speaks of the great death and destruction that will come just before it. Two thirds of the people that I love are going to die, and I would do anything to stop that, if I could.

But, I can’t because this is the decree of the Lord.

I believe that Jerusalem will be spared, and other parts of Israel will be spared. But, I believe that the greatest devastation will be centered on Tel Aviv, which is an exceedingly sinful city. I once tried to move there, but God blocked me.

I won’t go into all of that, except to say that Israel is going to go through some horrifyingly bad times. And, even though Jerusalem will be spared, it too will suffer – as will all of Israel.

This May Cost You Your Life

Please consider this, if God is calling you to Israel. It may cost you your life, as well as the lives of those who go with you. If you are okay with that, then that’s fine.

I am also okay with that, since I know that it doesn’t matter what happens to me. Serving God, when and where He wants, is the only important consideration.

Israeli Christians Will Be Spared The Antichrist

But, there is one extremely bright spot, in all of this.

Israeli Christians are the only group of people that God has promised to protect from the Antichrist. And THAT is fascinating to think about. We see this in Revelation 12, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Jeremiah 30 and elsewhere.

Will God protect other groups of Christians from the Antichrist?

Well, because the Antichrist is stymied in Revelation 12, it does offer some hope – but, not a guarantee. The only Biblical guarantee that we have is that at least some portion of Israel will be saved from the Antichrist.

Here’s the key verse:

And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Revelation 12:14

If you want to be a part of that flight ‘into the wilderness’, you MUST be there. And, I have a suspicion that you will need to go through the terrible tragedy of Zechariah 13:8, to be there for the flight to the wilderness.

However, I could be wrong about that. It may be possible for you to go to an interim location, and wait for Zechariah 13:8 to happen, and then get to Israel. I really don’t know.

What Matters Most

Ultimately, it won’t matter. The point is to serve the Lord to the best of your ability. If that means risking your life in Israel, that is where you should be. But, it also might mean going to Taiwan, Uruguay, the hills of Georgia or southern Tennessee.

But, you won’t know where you should go, if you are not walking with the Lord.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Have you confessed your sins before God, turned away from them and asked Him to forgive you?

Have you turned off your television and disentangled yourself from the sinfulness of this world?

Are you reading the precious word of God?

Are you talking to your Father, every day – all day?

Are you willing to submit to the Lord’s direction, wherever He might lead you?

If so, then I would have to say that you are ready. The next step would be to seek God’s guidance.

For those who aren’t ready…

…I think that you know what you need to do.

One Final Thought – The Price

I have been talking about relocation for a while, and the reasons for doing so are growing in number and size. It’s easy for me to talk about this because I made the decision and paid the price for that decision a long time ago. And, the pain of that price has faded. But, that’s not your situation.

For you, this price is yet to be paid. You look around at the life you have, and the thought of giving it all up is more than you can bear. I wish with all my heart that I could spare you that, but I can’t.

That personal price was brought home to me one night as I was answering an email. The writer had ‘gotten the message’ and understood the price, and the heartache was huge. And, I so much wanted to say that it wasn’t going to be as bad as they thought – but, that would have been a lie.

Another Look At My Own Story

I’ve lived in Asia for about 20 years. Fifteen of those years were spent in the western side, in the Middle East – Israel. And five years on the eastern side, here in Taiwan. Where I’ll be next is… well, hard to say, but I believe that God will send us back to Israel.

I’ve had a love for Israel since my early teens, so it was an easy decision to go to Israel. It was 1992. I was 26. I’d had eight years of college and was ready to take on the world. But, instead of changing the world, I wound up the one being changed.

You can probably tell that I’m a pretty hard-headed guy. So, it takes some really rough handling to get my attention and convince me to change. And, I still bear the scars of those battles with God.

I thank God that I lost every one of those battles. And, I guess that I should thankful for all that I’ve lost in the struggle, but I need to be honest with you. Deep down, I resent having had to go through all that. There’s a part of me that complains about how badly I’ve been ‘mistreated’. And, at those moments in time when I complain the loudest, God always reminds me of the decision that I made.

The Decision

I was twelve years old, on a school bus, going home. I was staring out the window, and I asked God to use me in whichever way He wanted. And, God has been faithful to that request. And, all that I have to do to have Him ease up on ‘the price’ is take back that desire to serve.

That’s all it takes.

Just give up.

The problem is that there are people out there who are on their way to eternal punishment. People are in harm’s way, and I know the way out. I can’t ‘stand down’ while lives are on the line. I just can’t.

And, the price that the Lord paid for me…

…His suffering and death for my sins…

…How could I be so wicked as to not go out and seek to rescue the lost?

Furthermore, Christians suffered for two thousand years to bring salvation to my door, and it is the least that I can do to pass that message of redemption on to others.

Does that make me a wonderful person?

It does not. In fact, I am fortunate that God hasn’t struck me down for being what He hates the most – arrogant and proud. A proud heart is an abomination to God (Prov 16:5), and I have truly been an abomination far, far too many times.

Your Price

I can personally attest that the price for ‘relocation’ could be everything that you hold dear. Everything. Your health, your wealth, your family, your career, your sense of identity, and even the idea that you are ‘right with God’ – you could lose all of that, and more. I’ve seen families crushed and marriages torn apart. But, I’ve also seen that God never puts you through more than you can bear, and it’s always, ALWAYS for your own good.


My 20 years in Asia has been almost more than I could take, and the price was terrible. But, I would do it again. I would still grumble and moan about how awful it all was, but I really would do it again.

I am inviting you to do the same.

Are you ready to love God more than any other thing or person on this Earth?

Are you ready to put your future in His hands and trust Him that the price will never be too high?

And, be careful. That resolve WILL be tested.

The Price Is Everything

Most of us know this passage from Luke 14:

And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple. For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?

Luke 14:27-28

We like to put a positive spin on that passage when we apply it to ourselves, but maybe you should pay more attention to the one that is just a few verses down:

So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

Luke 14:33

Jesus demands everything.

Are you ready to pay?




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