Surviving the Coming Genocide

The Story of God and Zvi

People ask me about how we will survive this genocide that is coming. And yes, if you read your Bible, you know that the genocide of Christians IS coming!

The elites plan to murder 86% of the world’s population, and it will take a miracle for any of us to survive. But, I know where miracles are found, and I know the One who makes them.

Yes, it will cost you your life, but that’s okay – because He will give you a new one.

Better yet, I have a story of a miracle – of a little boy that God brought through unimaginable trial and tribulation. It’s a story of a miracle that helped build the Body of Christ in Israel.

An Israeli Miracle

When you live in Israel, you tend to run into people who managed to escape Hitler’s grasp and plant the flag of the Jewish people in the Promised Land. There are fewer and fewer of them left alive these days, and as they die, so die the memories of what brought them through that awful time.

However, historians, writers and videographers have preserved much of their memory, and we can draw on them for inspiration, as we face yet another apocalyptic nightmare. My favorite example comes in the person of the father of my favorite pastor, Meno Kalisher.

Zvi Kalisher

Zvi was just ten years old, when he was forced to survive on his own. His story is one of staying just one step ahead of the Nazis, as he struggled to survive. But, God gave him a skill with languages, a determined spirit and the grace of God. Zvi wasn’t a follower of Christ, at that time, but God still had plans for him.

Eventually, he found himself in Haifa, Israel, on a divine appointment with an elderly Swiss woman, who gave him a New Testament. When he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he finally felt himself complete – as he termed it, ‘a complete Jew’.

Then, God blessed him with a wife, and later – three sons and a daughter. All three of Zvi’s sons went into Christian ministry in Israel, and have truly blessed the Body of Christ in amazing ways.

When I originally wrote this, the twinkle in Zvi’s eye had dimmed a bit, and his sense of humor wasn’t as sharp as it once was. Unfortunately for us, God took him home, but his legacy of service to our Lord continues on in the hearts and souls of all who accepted Christ as their Savior – in Israel.

One day soon, the hearts of the Jewish people will be opened, and they will behold their Messiah who they had pierced almost two thousand years ago. When that time comes, part of the story of Israel’s return to God, will have included the life of a little boy who ducked and dodged through the horrors of a Nazi Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The price was high. Zvi lost his three brothers, his sister and his parents in that Holocaust. But, in Israel, he gained a wife, three sons and a daughter – and best of all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What God did for little Zvi, God can do for you – if it is His will.

Without Zvi, there would have been no Meno Kalisher and no Jerusalem Assembly. Yes, God is sovereign, and would have provided another father for a different pastor – for a different church in Jerusalem. But, that’s not how God wanted it. God wanted Zvi. And, He wanted Meno. And He wanted Jerusalem Assembly.

And, He wants you.

The question is, do you want Him?

Get Faith

I was going to write on the preparations that I believe are necessary, for the terrible times that lie ahead. But, I think that I’ve done enough of that. The most important question is about you and God.

Do you really believe that Jesus is what the Bible says that He is?

If so, then please take the little time that we have left, to make that belief real. God protected a little boy, alone in the midst of unimaginable horror, so that this little boy could serve the Lord for the rest of his life.

Do you think that you will be able to survive what is coming WITHOUT God’s direct intervention?

You don’t stand a chance, and I don’t either, without God making the way through all this.


  • REPENT of your sins, turn back to God and ask His forgiveness.
  • TURN off the television and stop participating in in the evils of this world.
  • STOP living for yourself.
  • START living for God and your fellow believers in Christ.
  • READ your Bible – all of it. Make it the most important part of your day. Get through it in a year. It’s not hard.
  • SHARE the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone that you can.
  • ASK God for direction. He knows who you are. It’s long past time to join the plans that God has – instead of the ones that you’ve made for yourself.

If it’s going to take a miracle to get through this, then I recommend that you go to the one place where true miracles come from. But, you can’t get there, without faith.

Faith is the one thing that you need, more than anything else. It won’t take up space in your bug-out bag. It isn’t heavy. It’s free – if you’re willing to pay the price. And…

…you won’t survive without it.

Zvi recently left this world behind to sit at the feet of our Lord. I hope that you remember his story. The same Hand that guided and protected Zvi can be the same that guides and protects you – if you choose it!


For more about Zvi, Meno Kalisher, and Jerusalem Assembly, go here:

The story of Zvi Kalisher is inspiring and uplifting about surviving genocide. Well, we have warnings of a future genocide, and we will need the lessons of history to survive it.

Surviving the Coming Genocide – Lessons of History

Ebola has come and gone in America. My hope is that it won’t return. Unfortunately, I believe that something else will take its place, one day. I believe that the coming of Ebola has provided us with an important warning to prepare for what WILL kill millions.

And, make no mistake, the New World Order elites have your death in mind, and we must plan to thwart their goals, by surviving – and continuing our service to God.

The interesting thing is that we DO have history to guide us. This isn’t the first time that vile psychopaths have sought to massacre large numbers of people, so we should take a lesson from the pages of history – as we contemplate a dark future.


Let me say that we do not know for sure that Ebola was airborne. We had SOME circumstantial evidence that it was. We DID have reports that a purely simian variant WAS airborne. And, we have a possible vector model in the form of Influenza A.

However, we will not know for sure that Ebola is airborne until… well …it is. Influenza IS an airborne virus, but even that virus is more commonly transmitted via droplet. The interesting thing is that airborne viruses tend to be airborne in the winter.

Why Winter?

Because such viruses are often not airborne until cold weather comes – allowing the virus to be suspended in colder, denser air. That’s why winter is always a test for the possibility of airborne-ness of a virus.

But, even if Ebola ISN’T an airborne disease, it could still kill millions of Americans if it reappears on American shores. And, if THAT doesn’t do the trick, the elites will have another bio-weapon to try, or they will choose a different route, altogether.

Lessons From Christian History

The point is that that they either want you under their direct control, or dead. And, you want to be in neither of those situations.

So, what’s the answer?

History DOES provide some examples of how people reacted to threats like this. However, my own research on the subject is limited, so I’m sure that you will have some excellent examples of your own to provide.

One of the biggest examples is the Church. Christians have been persecuted for two thousand years, and it is impossible to count how many have died. But, it is safe to say that tens of millions died at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church, alone.

Run And Fight

How did our brethren react to this very real threat?

Run and Fight

Those really were the only two options that they had, and depending on their circumstances, they chose one or the other – or both. And, depending on your situation, you will need to make the same choices.

Now, I am on record as saying that we are not to use deadly force for economic or political reasons. That was the point of my article here:

The Gun and Jesus Christ

I understand the upset that this article caused, and I don’t like causing upset. But, I believe that it is necessary for each of us to closely examine the situations that would permit us to take a life. And, we should make that examination now, long before the time for action arrives.

But, let me make this point clear:

I DO believe that it is permissible to take a life in self-defense, or in defense of your family or community – when there is no other alternative.

When a robber comes into your home, you are to shoot – and that means shoot-to-kill. Anything else is a fool’s errand. Should anyone enter my home while I am there, without my permission, a death certificate for someone will probably be required. But, I will do everything in my power to avoid having to kill someone.

I guess that you could say that the locks on my door are to help protect me from having to choose deadly options.

The Christians Of Europe

The Christians of Europe were also faced with the same challenge of what to do, when the armies of the Vatican marched against them.

Do they stand and fight?


Do they run?

History records examples of both, and the success of those answers depended on the situation. If you lived in the mountains, you had the luxury of mounting a successful guerrilla campaign – like the Waldenses successfully used, to defend against the genocidal mania of Rome. But, if you lived in the plains…

…well, you didn’t have that luxury.

If you didn’t live in an easily defensible location, you had little choice, but to run to a place where you COULD defend yourself – or, at least have someone that could do it for you. And, history shows that Christians did far more running than fighting. Or, maybe I should say that we were more successful at running, than fighting.

Now, About You

So, this is the choice.

Do you run?


Do you Fight?

And, I believe that it really does depend upon your situation. If you are in a place where it will be hard for the elites to kill you, then you have the luxury of choosing to fight – if you understand this to be God’s will. But, for the vast majority of us, the only reasonable option is to run.

For Those Who Must Run

I certainly do not have the luxury of choice, in this case. And, most of you do not suffer from such luxury, either. This means needing to be able to evacuate to a place of safety, when you see signs of trouble.

Please do not fool yourself into thinking that your military prowess will enable you to survive what is coming – if you are not in a defensible position, with a like-minded community that is cooperating in its defense. Very few of us have the skill and abilities of John Rambo.

Furthermore, even a community defense will require lots of running. It would be very easy for the elites to take out whole communities that resist their efforts – by spraying them with chemical or biological weapons.

So, just like Zvi, staying at least one step ahead of these Nazis will be the only choice that we have – for the vast majority of us. Of course, how you do that will ALSO depend upon your situation. Those of us with children will need to be much more proactive, than those of us without children. And, being proactive means careful planning and knowing WHEN to move when the signs of danger appear.

Let me be clear that I am NOT in Taiwan because I am being ‘pro-active’. Allow me to remind you that my wake-up to the danger that we are all in, came on April 5th, 2011 – while I was already here. But, if that April 5th wake-up had happened in the US, I would have begun the process that would have led my wife and I to where we are now – or, at least a place like it.

Should danger rear its ugly seven heads here – which is likely – we will move. And, Lord willing, we will keep moving until the Lord comes, or the elites catch us flat-footed.

Get Portable

However, being able to keep one step ahead of the bad guys, means being portable. It means reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ that you own, to a point where you can pick up what you have and leave. If you are in a situation where running is your only option, you had better start thinking about what it means to have a portable life.

Is your life portable?

It’s time to start thinking about that.




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