Section ONE

On March 7th, 2009, a Delta II rocket launched from Cape Canaveral carrying the Kepler Space Telescope. It’s purpose was to find planets like our own, but it also discovered something far more ominous:

the end of our civilization

When you want to find a planet, you take multiple readings of the brightness of a star over a long period of time to see if it dims a bit at any moment in time. A loss in brightness indicates that something passed across the face of the star. And, if you measure precisely enough, you can determine the size of the planet and maybe even if it holds an atmosphere. Get detailed enough, and you might even find out what kind of atmosphere the planet has.

The Kepler Space Telescope operated for nine years, gathering a vast trove of data on stars like our own. And, it found planets. Lots of them. And, it was so successful that they launched another satellite to do even more of what Kepler did. Astrophysicists were ecstatic over the thousands of planets that they had found.

Unfortunately, scientists are all too human. They pay attention to what they expect to see and discard what they are not looking for. Since they were looking for G-class stars that became less-bright, they ignored the data that showed stars becoming brighter. We call such ignored data as extraneous.

Enter Dr. Kazunari Shibata of Kyoto University in Japan. He looked at the extraneous data and discovered that stars like our own throw out gigantic, civilization-destroying superflares every 800 to 5000 years. If our sun hits Earth with one of those, we’re toast. And, Dr. Shibata has been sounding the alarm over this since 2012.





A Solar Flare?

Yes. Really.

I know that this sounds a little strange, but all these prophets really are talking about a solar flare. And, I wish that they weren’t. However, we are stuck with what they said, and not by what we want them to to have said.

Especially since they were speaking the words of God, and not their own.

In this section, I’ll give you an overview of Ezekiel’s Fire. I’ll talk about the science behind this catastrophe. But, once I’ve done that, I will take you through some of the myths that are guaranteed to keep you from seeing and understanding the evidence laid out in the Bible – and preparing.

Warning: Thought Provoking, Even Upsetting

I will be talking about ‘bad doctrine’. We all have in what we believe the truth to be. And, we won’t know what those wrong doctrines are, until someone points them out to us. I’ve been through that process many, many times, and it’s always upsetting.

I don’t like to upset people, and I will not enjoy any upset that you feel. And, I will be
sincerely sorry if I have not exercised the proper love and care that I should, as I do
this. Unfortunately, we are so close to the events described in this book, that I have no choice but to present this ‘upsetting material’ in as concise and direct way as I can.

I’ve learned the hard way that a false interpretation of the Bible is blinding. And, you must remove those blinders if you are to see the big picture. I’ve been caught by false interpretation, myself. So, I understand how a false interpretation can bind and blind you – as well as how hard it is to escape such things.

Now, does a belief in a false interpretation make you less of a Christian?

Not necessarily.

We all suffer from error, in some form – when it comes to interpreting the Bible. Even now, I am sure that there is something, somewhere, that I am wrong about. I do my best to understand what the Holy Spirit teaches me, through the words of the Bible. But, at the best of times, I hold the truth with imperfect hands. So, please be like the noble Bereans and search the scriptures yourself, to see if what I have written here, is true.

Laying Foundation

After we have swept away any erroneous foundation that your eschatology rests upon, I will be introducing you to the key points that will demonstrate why these Last Days are so important – and why WE were chosen to play a role in them. I will also point you to Israel, and how close we are to the return of our Lord and Savior.

This will be quite a ride, so hold on to your seats.


Here are the chapters in Section One:


A Solar Flare, Really?

Twisting the Bible

A Theory that Blinds

Why Israel MUST be Saved BEFORE the Great Tribulation

Prophecy Clock – Is It All Over within a Couple of Decades?




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