Interlude – A Warning

What we are trying to do here is find those clues connected with Isaiah 30:26, Ezekiel 39:6. and Zechariah 12:4. Our hope is that these clues will help us understand about what will happen, when it will happen and what we must do.

Unfortunately, they really won’t be much more than clues. It will be left to each of us to seek the direction of the Holy Spirit to help us understand what these clues mean for each of us.

But, I want to stop for a moment here to remind you of a bit of foolishness that I talked about in the previous section. This foolishness has corrupted our understanding of the Last Days. Even though I’ve already talked about this evil lie, I think that a reminder is necessary:

A Theory That Blinds
(aka, The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie)

If you believe in this foolish lie, then you either need to stop reading this book, or you need to go and read again the proof that there is no pre-tribulation rapture.

You can find that proof here:

I mention that here because you will not understand what you are reading, if you still believe in the pre-trib lie. This is a life-and-death issue, and you will not pay attention to it – if your mind has been closed to the truth.

In fact, I suspect that most will see the passages that I am pointing you to as talking about the Millennium, and that is not true. And, believing an untruth has consequences. In a discussion like this, that means death.

Do you remember what I told you about Luke 21:36?

Here is is:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Luke 21:36

I have a question:

How can you expect to be ‘accounted worthy to escape’ if you are deliberately ignoring the truth, and twisting what you cannot ignore?

I think that you know the answer to that one.

If you believe that I am talking about something that will occur in the Millennium – or just before – you will die.

Why will you die?

Because you chose to not prepare for what is coming. And unfortunately, that will mean a horrendous death at the hands of your neighbors. And should you survive the violence, you will die of thirst, starvation or disease.

All because you chose to ignore what I am saying here.

No. Let me correct that…

…all because you chose to ignore what GOD has said to you through His Bible.

You can ignore God, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring God.

Now that we have had that reminder of reality, let’s look at what other passages have to say about this solar flare and the events that surround it.




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